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2011 Update - on How to Enter our museum's online 3D galleries


1. Go to

2.  Click on Free Browser, available at our website.  This browser was free online and so it was downloaded to be sure it would always be available for the our vrml 3D gallery files - constructed back in 1998.

3. For most computers, the download steps places the .exe browser file in C:/ProgramFiles/  or C:/Document and Settings/.  Just follow the setup/installation instructions.

So, when player30.exe shows up at top of the screen's "Downloaded" list, click on the file, then when the new window opens up, click on "Run" to install.  (Virus detecting firewall programs in your computer may keep the 3D browser from opening. There is no virus in the browser copy available here at the museum.)

4.Then on the same,  select a 3D gallery you want to visit. Favorites include the Shanghai Gallery (Floor Twenty-One), the Madrid Gallery (Floor Twenty-Two), and the Penthouse (New York City and VIP Suite).

5. You are taken to that floor's web page with a list of artworks' titles and dates.  After reviewing the history of the art, click on "vrml elevator."

6. Scroll up and down in the elevator, then click on desired floor to enter and visit.

7. For some computers, there will be a window stating "error: not enough memory to perform this action." This can show up in lower screen menu in Mozilla Firefox,  If that happens, click on "error" titled closed file at bottom of screen, and when it opens, click "OK" and the 3D vrml file (.wsb) will load (anyway, in spite of this message).  A 3d window will open up.  When the file has completely loaded, for best viewing experience, press the upper right border box to expand to "Full Screen.".

8. Use keyboard's directional arrows to navigate in the 3D space, or use the browser's bottom menu of the vrml window itself.

9. Once you are finished visiting this gallery, you can enter other floors of the towering virtual museum.  Just close the 3D gallery window and you will be back at the 3D elevator.  Then "ride" the elevator up and down to select the next floor you want "get off at" to visit.

10. Enjoy and tell your friends about this historic (1998) 3D adventure online at "Truly Virtual Web Art Museum," founded online in 1997.  All artworks of the virtual museum will remain in perpetuity as constribution to Internet cyberculture.  The collection specializes in the evolution of computer art (since the 1950s - see Herbert W. Franke; PC-art since the 1980s- see Pygoya) as a fine arts medium in itself, and its residence online in museum exhibit space that is compatible to its digital constitution.

11. An alternative to browsing online with an internet browser like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, is to download the vrml 3D browser to a blank CD.  Then also download vrml .wsb files to that CD. Then you can visit the 3D web museum exhibits offline. The museum permits downloading of its .wsb vrml files (but not jpeg artwork without permission since all digital artworks are copyrighted by the artists).


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