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By Sara Walker

September 10, 2015


     A vacation in the lap of a lush, green and deep forest has always intrigued me, but now I have to think twice if I will ever again check into another such bungalow. 

    Do fairy tales exist?  Or was it just a nightmare?

   I took a leave from my clinic for a few days to refresh myself.  My wife, Erlinda, said to me,

   "Keith, please check this place on the Internet. I find it really fascinating!" It was located on the Big Island of Hawaii, a few miles down a slope of the active volcanic Kilauea Crater. Fascinated, I immediately placed a booking at the place for the three of us-  my wife Erlinda and my mother-in-law Andrea, and myself.

    But, never did I think that I would find myself questioning the existence of the real world.

    When we reached the place, we were welcomed by a beautiful garden playhouse located in the middle of the deep green rainforest of the Hawaiian island. As soon as we stepped out, it began raining cats-and-dogs.  We raced inside to our room. As usual, my septuagenarian mother-in-law, forever apprehensive, told me that she felt that there was something wrong with this place.  My wife and myself laughed it away. To think there was really something mysterious about the place. That was ridiculous.

   Our caretaker, James, gave us a tour of the place.

Colourful orchids decorated the house from all sides. Beautiful seasonal flowers provided splendid ground cover. All over the place chickens roamed around, searching for morsels of insects. The guest house had an impressive colour combination of yellow, red, blue and green. But what attracted us the most was the array of miniature dwarves placed sequentially on the railings.  They appeared so life-like!

   Erlinda asked, "James why are these doll figures here?"      

   James said, "These were the brainchild of the architect". He then warned us that some might occasionally fall from the balcony railing, since the ground could tremble because the place was in the active volcanic region.

    Andrea said, "I can sense bad omen here! We should leave.

    Erlinda chided her mildly, "Stop being so superstitious Mummy! Nothing's wrong here. Come on, let's go inside.

   We freshened up and went to the dining room in the separate main house for refreshments. But, we were amazed when our cook Rodney said,

    "Didn't you get any other place to choose, Sir?"

    Erlinda remarked, "Why? What's wrong?"

    Rodney said, I can't say. But no guest had stayed in this place more than one night."

    Andrea panicked and said, "Keith, please, let's go!

     I said with a dint of satire, "Not before we complete our meal! I am dead hungry". I also told the cook, "Stop scaring your guests!"

    Rodney replied, "I will not stay at night. You need to either cook your own food or purchase it from outside.  There's a village deli a couple miles away."

    That night, after enjoying an evening stroll in the forest and visiting another nearby village we returned to the guest house.  It was only 6 pm, but it was already dark.  The surroundings already created a spooky feeling, enhanced by a sudden torrential rainfall accompanied by lashing, gushing winds.

    Without warning we felt a tremble beneath our feet. Panicking in the moment, we then remembered that we are standing on active volcanic terrain.

    Having nothing planned for the evening, Erlinda proposed that we should make some coffee. The tiny kitchen was located besides the balcony where the dwarves were displayed on the railings. As I was chatting with my mother-in-law Andrea in the sleeping quarters, Erlinda called out my name.

   "Keith!  Come here quick!"

    Sensing panic in her voice, I rushed into the kitchen only to see Erlinda standing there with an alarmed expression.

    I asked her,  "What's the matter, Dear?"

    She replied, "Can you hear something?"

    I listened carefully and did hear a strange faint sound.  It was as if someone was walking around surreptitiously. I checked the kitchen and the balcony but could find nothing, But it was already dark outside, so nothing was readily visible.

    Suddenly, I heard Andrea shrieked from the hall. We both rushed towards the hall and found Andrea staring at the door to the balcony.

    I asked her, "What happened?" She could barely speak, but finally managed to say,

    "Someone or something is at the balcony! I saw a shadow.

    We both went outside but could see no one, hearing only the sound of barking dogs who's duty was to kept roaming wild pigs at bay. We remained seated there for a moment, but nothing happened. Andrea then got back on her nerves, but she now seemed to be more fearful than before.

    It was now fifteen minutes past 11 and we had already completed our dinner and were ready for bed. But suddenly, in the dead of the sleep - I didn't know what time  it now was in the night- I could hear some voice from the balcony.  It was neither the voice of an adult or child.

    I called to Erlinda and asked, "Do you hear anything?" I was sure that I had heard something. Erlinda confirmed my fear. So we both went to the balcony to investigate.

   What we saw there took our breaths away! The dwarves that we considered merely fixtures on the railing had sprung to life!

   Erlinda, in terror, clutched my sleeve tightly as all the dwarves turned to confront us. Their beady eyes began to glow red as they jumped off the railing and began to slowly head towards the guest house's open entry door. They marched in cadence through the hall and entered our bedroom. More surprises were waiting in there for us!

   On our bed, was a beautiful young girl of about 15 to 16 years of age, lying seemingly lifeless. The dwarves began singing a melancholic song, as if to mourn the passing of the girl.

   But suddenly the girl opened her eyes and threw a sharp stare at us.  With a voice that seemed to come from a distance, she commanded,

   "Leave! This is my place. This is my garden! These dwarves are my friends! No human shall ever again step foot in this room or they leave dead! For you people were the ones that brought death upon me!

   She almost came flying towards us as she continued to threaten us to leave immediately. We intuitively knew that if we didn't leave now, we would soon be dead! The   diminutive dwarves were also moving towards us, pointing with animosity for us to leave.

   We all spent the rest of the night in our car as the main house was locked as James had left for the night.

   The next day we left miffed and without answering James about what had happened during the night. We were amazed to discover that he seemed nonchalant of our sudden departure.

   I now still believe that what we experienced was real.   But then sometimes the mind wanders and I start thinking, was it all just a dream or some sort of hallucination?