Mingli Jiang taught in art school in Shanghai before emigrating to the United States.  The artist has exhibited around the world and has received  recognition for his contemporary style of Chinese painting. His  personal expression in brushstroke, color harmony and stylization of representation subject matter help characterize his artwork. Underlying his style is the monumental influence of the grandness of the natural environment as expressed over the centuries by the Chinese through their classical  brushstrokes of watercolor on ricepaper and other absorbant materials. Mingli Jiang is well versed in this tradition but goes beyond and integrates new strokes and color to bridge old ways with the newer Western approach to painting. Besides landscapes, Jiang creates work featuring landscapes,  figures, animals and flowers. While living in Hawaii for over the past decade Jiang has applied his imagery to pottery, textiles and oil on canvases.  For a few years the artist was represented by the prestigious Images International Galleries with locations in California, the famed Waikiki Beach (on the ritzy Kalakaua Avenue strip), Hawaii's world class Ala Moana Shopping Center, and Japan. During his earlier years in China  Jiang was affiliated with the Shanghai State Art Museum and Shanghai University College of Fine Arts.

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