A critic states: "the keeness of his eyes and the sharpness of his observations, combined with his sensitivity and passion, are wonderfully reflected in his works."

Phuong Tran, also known as Fong Tran, is a multi-talented artist that draws upon his multi-cultural background.

Born in Saigon to parents that immigrated from China, Phuong fell in love with the French cultural arts and atmosphere of the city. It has been over fifteen years now since Phuong has lived in the American state of Hawaii. Through his masterful brushstroke and command of color he brings alive a sense of "paradise" which mirrors his feelings of peace and tranquility springing forth from his multi-cultural perspective.

Currently Phuong Tran is one of Honolulu's hottest landscape artists, making sales of works priced in the thousands of dollars in local exhibits. Pygoya Webmuseum is proud to have the opportunity to share and promote his art exclusively on the Internet.

Statement by a friend-


To enjoy is enough.

Such is how my friend and artist, Phuong N. Tran, feels about his paintings.  If we look upon his paintings and like what we see, then he is satisfied.

But there is more; so much more.

The paintings are a mirror of a man born and raised in Saigon, a son of parents born and raised in China.  The keeness of his eyes and the sharpness of his observations, combined with his sensitivity and passion, are wonderfully reflected in his works.

Experience the breathtaking view of the high mountains touched by cool mists.  Travel along the lush natural riches of the surrounding flora in the valley below.  Inhale the salty air as you move closer to the shore.

Gaze upon the quiet and lazy river whose glassy surfaces reflects the stillness of the moment.  The artist's mind and brush lull us as we contemplate the serenity and solitude of the work.

To enjoy is enough, but to feel and experience the essence behind the actuality of the painting brings the ultimate satisfaction to the artist.  Through his paintings, his mirror, we are able to know the treasure within the artist!  And what a wonderful treasure it is!

Clayton K. Akatsuka , Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Windward Community College, Hawaii 

Statement by a collector- 

I have known Phoung Tran for fifteen years, and have been most impressed by his many talents, especially as a very accomplished artist in his own right.  His remarkable talent, as a painter, is matched only by his strong desire to be in the top one hundred painters in America.

I have found Mr. Tran to be a very likeable, mild-mannered, humble and compassionaate man who has a wide range of interests.

Mr. Tran have had a solid background of studying under the tutorship of name "master" painters, which have led him to adopt the best of his experiences, along with the development of a keen sense of objectivity and compassion for his works.  In the artist's  own words,  "I enjoy the different challenges in life and when an idea comes to me, I want to exercise creativity in my work and give my paintings 'life'."

In his approach to his paintings, it is Mr. Tran's strong belief to do the best work he can, follow the feelings he has for a theme, not to let anyone deter him from what he ultimately wants to do, and to follow his ideas and emotions.  This creative spirit shows courage and confidance in his work, depiciting harmony and balance, the dramatic use of "high-lighting", the masterful use of brush stroke technique, and the careful utilization of discerning colors.  Mr. Tran's paintings can have a dream atmosphere, romatic harmony, purity of thought and show intelligence in expresssion.

Theodore Tagawa, Collector                                                                                                             

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