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REVIEW OF THE ARTIST & HIS WORKS (some scanned documents)

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Double Standards, Campus Clatter, 1973
Rochelle Illinois Art News, 1975
Hypnosis and Creativity Testing, 1977
Acceptance-Exposition Press (Mental Evolution and Art), 1978
Mental Evolution and Art publisher's summary and exerts, 1978
The Dancing Drill at the Disco Dentist, 1979
Dental Management Magazine, (national) 1979 (also read in Canada)
Real People Show, NBC Television (international syndication), 1979, 1980
Radio Interviews across the USA, including Manhattan, NYC, 1979
Dental Fever!, Dental Management Magazine, 1980
Oahu Magazine, "Rodney 'Disco Doc' Chang," 1980
Book Flap ( Mental Evolution and Art ), 1980
Ph.D. Dessertation International, 1980
Ph.D. Abstract Publication, 1981
Ripley's Believe It or Not!, (international circulation, 22 languages) 1981
Psychosomatic Implications of Environmental Alternatives in the Dental Office, 1981
Journal of the Hawaii Dental Association - interview with Dr. Rodney Chang, 1984
The Bur, Loyola University, School of Dentistry magazine, 1984
The News, Honolulu, 1985
Hawaii Moving Company, KGMB TV, Honolulu, 1985
PM Magazine, ABC national TV, 1985, 1986
The Today Show, NBC television, 1985
Sunday Honolulu Star-Bulletin Advertiser, Marcia Morse, critic, on "Primal Instincts," 3-person
 exhibition, SOHO too Gallery & Loft, 1985
A Bit of Soho in Lower Kalihi - Lois Taylor, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1986
Evening News, KHON TV, comment on  mixed media kinetic sculpture, "Bite of the Banana Lover," 
 the "Annual Banana Show," Designer Emporium Gallery, Honolulu, 1986
"Mixed Plate" interview, KHON TV, review of  "Display of Love," Valentine art exhibition,   SOHO  too Gallery & Loft, Honolulu, 1986
Wing Magazine, "Robot Show: The Art of the Future," 6-person hi-tech exhibition, 
  IDEA Gallery, Sacremento, CA 1986
The Dr. Judith Driver Show, Channel 20 TV, "Mixed Media and Psychology," 1986
Honolulu Magazine, 3rd Place, experimental photography annual contest, "Breathtaking Nuclear   Subject," 1986
Novus Magazine, Honolulu, "Artworks," Noe Tanigawa, 1986
East-West Magazine, Honolulu, "From Disco to Soho," Marcia Morse, art columnist
The Kai Maxwell Show, KITV TV, "Disco Doc and His Art," 1986
Evening News, Channels 4 & 9, television, "Digital Art," 4 - person computer art exhibition, Royal   Culture Art Gallery, Honolulu, 1986
Sunday Honolulu Star-Bulletin Advertiser, Marcia Morse, art reviewer, "Explorations in Space and
 on Hawaii," a review of  "A Space Show," 2- person exhibition with John Hamblin, Honolulu Club,
The Rodney Chang Retrospective Exhibiton, 1967-1987, 1987
New York Times article, 1987
Rodney Chang, Computer Artist, (DK Windward Press), 1987
Waikiki Beach to New York City, 1987
Encyclopedia of Living Artists 1987
Juror's Statement , 1988
Disco Dentist feature, Australian TV feature proposal letter, 1988 - For the Record, National Australian TV
RSVP Magazine, 1988
Australian television scheduled for art installation, "Da Waiting Room", 1988
Newspaper interview: Computer artist catches electronic wave, 1988 (prior to Shanghai Art Museum trip), Hawaii Kai/East Oahu Sun Press
Newspaper interview: Artist with a cause starts a revolution, (after Shanghai Art Museum trip), Nadine Kam, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, November 30, 1988; The computer opens up many possibilities.   It's a natural thing to go to abstraction, to try new colors.  This generation will bypass the old masters, because they have a tool which forces them to think anew - R. Chang
Shanghai State Art Museum review , 1988
Better Life national magazine, Shanghai, China, 1988, issue 4
Prominent People of Hawaii 1988
Info Magazine (for the Amiga computer) , April 1989
Introduction to Rodney Chang, Computer Artist, Larry Lovett, 1988
Encyclopedia of Living Artists In America, 3rd Edition, Directors Guild Publishers, 1988, CA
Introduction by Larry Lovett ( Rodney Chang>Computer Artist) ,1988 (scan)
The Sunday Star-Bulletion & Advertiser, Art Scene, Marcia Morse, critic, "The Best of Shanghai, Computer Art by Dr. Rodney Chang," Queen Emma Gallery, Honolulu, July 9, 1989
Las Vegas Museum review , March 1990
The International Visual Language of Rodney Chang, Manhattan Arts magazine, 1990
Art Review , July 9, 1989
INFO magazine, for Amiga and Commodore Computers, "Amiga Artist Dr. Rodney Chang,"  Mar/Apr 1989
Father of Computer Art in Hawaii , 1991
Island Home Magazine article , 1991
Milk Cover Collector magazine, 1993
Slammers, Stacks & Hitters, Alan Woog,1995
Amerivox Rodney Chang signed and limited edition Phonecards, 1995
Haiku by Rodney Chang, 1995
Honolulu Magazine , May 31,1986
The International Visual Language of Rodney Chang , Manhattan Arts, April 1990
Ripley's Believe It or Not! , 1981
Who's Who in America, 51st Edition, 1997, 52nd Edition, 1998
Techno Art - Christine Bucar, for Honolulu Advertiser
Review of SoHo Too Gallery & Loft, Star Bulletin, Rodney Chang was Director
Online Art Review of Pygoya's 20th Century Farewell Exhibition by Larry Lovett, MSEd, November 1999
The Economic Times, Calcutta, India - December 11, 1999
India Today weekly national magazine - December 1999
Indian TV- coverage of show: Zee TV news, Star TV - Good Morning India Show; Bengali TV (Hong Kong feed)
The India lst International Digital Art Exhibition catalogue, Oxford Bookstore and Gallery, Calcutta, India, 1999
Catalogue of the lst India International Digital Art Exhibition - celebrating the new millennium 2000, Speedprint Publishing, Calcutta, 1999
Inside/Outside Interior Design Magazine, India, Feburary 2000 issue
Brainchild of Pygoya- 1st India International Digital Art Exhibition - Inside Outside magazine, India
James Mann, Curator of Las Vegas Art Museum online greetings for LVAM website, 1998
Loyola University Alumni Magazine, about Pygoya India exhibition, 1999
Hilo Herald Tribune newspaper, Pygoya solo at East Hawai'i Cultural Center, July 2001
Art Centering newsletter, EHCC, Pygoya solo exhibition, July 2001
Announcement, EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition, curated by Rodney Chang, Jan. 2002
EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition - Bavaria, Germany newspaper, in German, Jan. 2002
EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition- Denmark newspaper, Jan. 2002
Island Life, Honolulu Advertiser, Digital dentist - July 18, 2003
Announcement of French and Europe Art Tour Exhibition, Bavaria Germany newspaper, July 2003
Various newspapers - Germany, Austria, Hungary, and France - reviews of the Webists international group exhibition in those countries, featuring work  and appearance of Pygoya, 2003
Interview with Pygoya by reporter Nadbal Miklos of the Magyar Nemzet  Newspaper of Budapest, Hungary ,November 12, 2003
Interview  on Television: MKTV , Budapest, with  Kovacs-egri Tibor  with
translator: László Bánszegi english teacher, November 11, 2003
Various other media in Budapest, Bavaria, Austria, Frankfurt, 2003
Hawaiian Moving Company, "Disco Doc" interview, rerun from 80s, April 2004
ARTWALK FRIDAY produced by Monica Loo, Olelo TV, works by Pygoya appearing in the
Studio 1 street windows. Airdates:  Sept. 3...3:30 p.m., Sept 10 ..5:00 p.m., Hawaiian time, 2004
Pygoya in Journal of Applied Scineces-  ISSN 1680-8926   a quote from article
Bangor Daily News, Maine - 'Art horror' event to unfold at Disco Doc's house, October 29-30, 2005
Blog by William Hafer, MFA, May 19, 2006 at
GalerieKalina 2006
Cover Art of IEEE Computer Society's 2007 Conference progam, 2007 Frontiers in the Convergence of Bioscience and Information Technologies; in South Korea 





Gift Drawing of Casper to Rodney Chang from Stan Casey, 1973
The California Art Review, Les Krantz, American References,Inc., Chicago, IL, 1989
The International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, American Biographical Institute, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A., 1991
The Computer Artists' Forum, A Collective Artworks Limited Edition Quarterly, Volume 3,
No.4, 1997, Edited by Michael Mayer
Colour Dissection, Rodney Chang, 1972 (unpublished)
Comentaries on the Psychology of Art, Rodney Chang,Ph.D., 1980 (unpublished thesis)
Shanghai University - Computer Art Lectures, Rodney Chang, Ph.D.,1988 (Chinese translation, unpublished; work l week workshop/seminar at Shanghai University, College of Fine Arts, P.R. of China, 1988)
Mental Evolution and Art, Rodney Chang, Exposition Press, NY, New York, 1980
Columbia Pacific University-Masters in Computer Art, Rodney Chang, 1988 (unpublished)
Prominent People of Hawaii, Delta Publishing Company, Honolulu, HI, U.S.A., 1988
Who's Who in the West, 1989-present
Who's Who in the World, 1990-present
Who's Who in America, 54th Edition and beyond
California Art Review, published book, 1990
Truly Virtual Web Art Museum & the Pygoya Web Museum,, online site "publication"
Cyberart - Emerging Art From the Internet, Pygoya, Speedprint, Calcutta, India, 2000
Blog for
- August 14, 2004-published!
From Cyberstamps to Real Postage Stamps - October 8, 2004 for Absolute Arts blog feature
Pygoya at Roy's; Pygoya at Studio 1, Oct-Nov. 2004
Idea of an Art Psychology - online publication @ - November 24, 2004
Pygoya - a novel of rebel art & the supernatural, by Rodney E.J. Chang, Booksurge, LLC, 2006
Pygoyan Oil Cyber-Paintings, Volume I, Booksurge, LLC, 2006
Die Google-Gesellschaft - Vom degitalen Wandel des Wissens, by Michael Schetsche, with special chapter on Webism by Ingrid    Kamerbeek and Michael Schetsche, 2005 (in German; transcript Verlag, Bielefeld)
Alumni magazine, October 2007- U Northern Colorado
Mahogany magazine (circulation 60,000 monthly in Mexico, California, & Hawaii) May, June, July, August issues
Featured art photos by Rodney Chang of "Andrea's Gardens" in "Garden Party Spotlights", June 2013, Honolulu Star-Advertiser newspaper



5 novels and 2 volume of short stories, art theory book, and art catalogs -   (publications available at