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Who's Pygoya?      Artist's Portrait 2002    Pygoya's Webism
Pygoya bio 2000     Pygoya bio 2000 print out version    a student's favorite artist

Some guest exhibitions at the Pygoya Webmuseum's
Cyberists Hall 
and VIP Suite Gallery

Niklas Een, Sweden -  3D Stereogram Art Exhibit,   April - August, 1999Cyberist  Hall
 Gregory Hoose,  Iowa - Transcendent Brush- Digital Sumi,  April - June, 1999 -VIP Suite
Bernhard Keller,Germany-Digital Light,September 6, 1999-January 2000-Cyberist Hall
Robert J. Downing, Canada - New Digital Works, January 20 - April 20, 2000 -VIP Suite
Frank Gillette,   New York City,  New York   -   March 1 -April 30, 2000   -  Cyberist  Hall
John C. Macpherson, USA  -  Nonfractal Fractals, May 3 - July 30, 2000Cyberist Hall
Clifford Singer, New York City, NY-Math Marries Art, May 20-August 20, 2000 -VIP Suite
Linda Martin, Australia
  - Horizon 2001,   December 15, 2000 - May 31, 2001 - VIP Suite
Ursula Freer, New Mexico- Digital Visions - April 20 - September15, 2001- Cyberist Hall




and in its
Pygoya: Selected by this major cultural e-magazine as 
Web Cyberartist of 2002


Pygoya: "Featured Artist of the Month" at corporate-art-consultants.com


Bombay: Pygoya-"Web Art Guru" - Jan. 8, 2000
Art ring tribute to Pygoya as pioneer lst Generation Web artist- 1999
Pygoya:- The Internet: magic carpet of cyberart (Berlin article)
Pygoyan information - Dr. Fernanda Steele, Jamaica, 2002


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note on pygoya/ehcc -Dr. Steele - 2/02

Ingrid Kamerbeek, publicist for the artist 

all artwork by Pygoya : copyright c1998 Rodney Chang
all world wide Rights Reserved



Some Web sites linked to "pygoya"


Computers are useless. They can only give you answers.

Pablo Picasso, 1968
Other Opinions on Pygoyan Art        Pygoya's Emails

Art meets life!
Pygoya's look is brilliant, fluid spectral color flowing through abstract inner (and outer) spaces.
Dream-like and subtle figures appear and disappear. A soft crepuscular light infuses these
inner landscapes with mystery and imagination. They are self-luminous, self-transforming
and ever changing. Old meets new. East meets West. Molecules meet electrons. The past meets
the future as Art meets Life!
Larry Lovett, M.S.Ed, Columbia University, NYC, NY - August 1999

Btw, it's your work that made me want to send you my url. I came across it
via a link to the Las Vegas Museum and you stopped me in my tracks! I
thought to myself "This artist knows how to have fun and will understand
what I'm trying to do".
Elenyte Paulauskas-Poelker August 2000

> It is a pleasure to host you and to see your work. I am amazed
> at what you can do with pixels! Your exhibit is quite popular with 
  the viewers. 
Dr. Sudha Achar, Chair, East Hawaii Cultural Center, July  2001

I must have lived on Mars for a very long time, as only now I realized
that Dr. Rodney Chang and the "legendary" Pygoya are the same
person!!!!! It must be because I rarely read about the artist himself
and tend to look at the work. Cannot believe it: I have admired your
work for such a long time...I find it in fact a source of inspiration in
those days when the "Muse" seems to have abandoned me. And to think that
you have liked some of my work is not only something quite difficult for
me to fully take in, but also something which I feel so very honoured
and intimidated by. I feel now even a greater responsibility towards my work.

Dr. Fernanda Steele, Jamaica, December 2001

Pygoya is pure energy! - Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany, January 2002

Pygoya: one of the best-known and most popular imaging (& dance-art) artists we come across thus
far. Amongst the many extraordinary projects that Dr. Rodney Chang is associated with or has
deployed himself is a 3D museum for his artworks on the web.
The Gazette
, Shankar, India, 2002

Pygoya : a celebration of form and colour, digitalising painting, humanising Cyberart.
Elisa Ramos, curator, London, UK, 2002


The Museum Information Center- includes About the Artist, The Artist's Journal, The Digital Works, 1985-Present; About the Cyberartist ; With Brooke Shields
Art.Net Links: Online Art References: Museums; Pygoya Webmuseum is a museum of Webmuseum Cybercolony; the artist's nationally prominent historic art installation (you may have seen it; also was televised in Australia and Japan)






a joint project of  Lastplace.com and Realville.com



Special 2d HTML Multimedia Tour of 3d Museum without entering VRML

  SEE photos of 2002 vrml Pygoya museums!



ARTIST'S "REJECTS" - find out why, ... almost got in ... 
Greetings from curator Pygoya, East Hawa'i Cultural Center, 2002 International Cyberart Exhibition



RECENT WORKS GALLERY- showcases the newest artistic direction of Pygoya; return here (bookmark) to catch a glimpse of the latest cyberart addition to this Web site! Later some of these pieces may become part of the museum's virtual reality permanent collection. Titles and dates of the artwork available.....new 1999 works

Pygoya's 2002 Cyberart Series - Suburbia in the Country-
3d "landscapes" capture depth and beauty of  online 3D/VRML Cyberspace

Pygoya's  2000 Kahala Series

Bavarian Spring Collection - 2002, mixed cyberart

2002 disco-art series

Passion - April 2002




-Cyberart  bred exclusively for the Web's cyberculture

Residing on the Internet as of July 26, 2002


Marathon Cyberbabies 2003- Circling the planet with 2 collaborative exhibitions- Hawaii SiteGermany Site

2003 Cyberbabies - upload launch - january 1, 2003

Pygoya exhibit at Artmajeur.com  (2002)

Pygoya portfolio at Not the Tate   (2002)

20th Century Farewell Exhibition by Pygoya, 1999  

Featured artist of India's lst International Digital Art Exhibition, 1999

insideoutcover.jpg (8506 bytes)                  
national India review

Pygoya's Post-Calcutta Trip Exhibit
online debut: February 27,  2000

I did have time to look at your mails and check out the new post-Calcutta paintings with friend/colleague, Krishnendu. They were fabulous: I could've never guessed that you would go back and paint those scenes that surrounded you, those that we are constantly surrounded by... that grows into us inspite of our resistance to it, or even indifference.
-Shubhojoy Mitra, Calcutta digital artist, March 2000


Cyberart as Painted Canvases- artist's creation of painted canvases as digital art for use online as Cyberculture. The complete online permanent collection of Cyberpaintings of Pygoya Webmuseum.

This "catalog" version displays some of the Pygoyan works in the vrml virtual reality galleries of the webmuseum. In fact, this section is the main body of works of the vrml online permanent collection of Pygoya Webmuseum.

Now available! - Catalog of Selected Works of  cyberpaintings, for the 3D virtual 
reality 2001 Historical Wing of Pygoya Webmuseum
Download required free vrml browser here


Some 2003 updates-

Pygoya's Startup
Pygoya's Earliest PC Works (1985-86)
Pygoya Rewrites Art History?
Pygoya's 1st European Art Tour
European Tour Opening Speech
CyberOILS (2003)
End Of Summer Series '03



Final Las Vegas Art Museum artist's Cyber-Residency Exhibition - by Pygoya to end his 2-year residency with the museum's innovative online arts project;
Images contributing to the joint Shockwave multimedia art form in collaboration with Gardiana of Taiwan


Archived show at Museum of Computer Art - July 2001


The Artist's Journal - writings on the  philosophical and psychological aspects of his work
WHAT IS "ART"? - by Pygoya ;  The Psychology of Art - by Pygoya

For the Record: lsts in the life of Dr. Rodney Chang, July 14, 2001

Cyberpunk Project-Cyberpunk in Arts-Cyberpunk has also inspired many artists. The Cyberpunk art is considered free minded and there was no place for scruples, when talking about cyberpunks behind the computer or the drawing board. The erotic mixture of technology and art tickled the deep-inside-cyberpunk artists to creativity. Some cyberpunk art sites-A Cyberpunk Art Gallery -By the Moscow Cyberpunk Club; misery: VII  Great graphics by misery; Cyberpunk Art Gallery- Small cyberpunk art gallery by Kabir Fernandez; Morpheus Blue- Small cyberpunk art gallery by aoi303. References-Definition and Description of Cyberart -Or, the Virtual Art of Webism. By Pygoya

Archived page (June 2000)


The India Papers - presented at conferences in Calcutta in conjunction
with the India lst International Digital Art Exhibition, December 1999

Computer Art- Ultimate Simulator or Assimilator of 20th Century Art?

Evolution of the Role of the Computerized Artist
The Psychology of Art and Digital Art
Pygoyan Cookbook for Digital Art
Beyond Computer Art

Pygoya's India Show Statement


This title page of Pygoya Webmuseum in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish

Neue Medien
The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart
Cyberart-Präsentation auf der Homepage des

Some guest exhibitions at the Pygoya Webmuseum's

Cyberists Hall

and the VIP Suite Gallery

Niklas Een, Sweden -  3D Stereogram Art Exhibit, April - August, 1999 - Cyberist Hall
 Gregory Hoose, Iowa -Transcendent Brush -Digital Sumi, April - June, 1999-VIP Suite
Bernhard Keller, Germany - Digital Light, September 6, 1999-January 2000 September 6, 1999-January 2000 - Cyberist Hall
Robert J. Downing, Canada - New Digital Works, January 20 - April 20, 2000 - VIP Suite
Frank Gillette, New York City, New York -   March 1 -April 30, 2000  - Cyberist Hall
John C. Macpherson, USA  - Nonfractal Fractals, May 3 - July 30, 2000 - Cyberist Hall
Clifford Singer, New York City, NY- Math Marries Art, May 20-August 20, 2000 -VIP Suite
Linda Martin, Australia - Horizon 2001, December 15, 2000 - May 31, 2001 -VIP Suite
Ursula Freer, New Mexico- Digital Visions - April 20 - September15, 2001- Cyberist Hall

A Dedication Work of Art to the museum; permanently installed on December 26, 1997
Gift Art to the museum , February 9, 1998; Thank you art piece, April 7, 1998; CyberAcrylic Painting inspired by Pygoya, June 1998

About The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart-A virtual reality museum that houses the lifework of digital cyberartist Pygoya as an online permanent art collection contributing to the first generation of Internet cyberculture. View Early Computer Paintings, a catalog sampling of Cyberpaintings (oil or acrylic on canvas digital paintings) exhibited in the museum's vrml galleries, accessible via the lobby's Elevator.


2002 Cyberstamp Signed Edition (250) - performated, glue backing, made in Italy

DEMO 2D HTML PAGE consisting of 3D "snapshots" is presented here. A SAMPLING OF ART in the museum is also displayed in the standard scrolling page format.  From the museum's cyberstaff, WHAT'S NEW & EXTENDED INFORMATION. "What's New" includes information on network browsers "rings" that this Web site is a participating  member.


For access to just 2D  HTML sections of this site , visitors here for just a quick look around should use the Browser's Entry -  ENTER HERE - includes information about the museum and artists

To view 3-D Glasses and Stereogram art, play with cyberart jigsaw puzzles, view the longest graphic image on Netscape's Web, experience a virtual city up in arms, or sit in on some animations,  go to SPECIAL EFFECTS GALLERY.


Featured attraction of Special Effects Gallery -The Space Gallery

july10.jpg (12588 bytes)

10 most visited show site
July 2000


the Web's No. 1 virtual community
Series 1- juried into Cybertown's
prestigious Artists' Showcase, January-June 1998

Featured Full Screen (600x400) Work of Art - Portal to Cyberspace, or review premier featured image, launched online May 24, 1997. Past featured images- the Predator - Nov.30-Jan5,1998; New large image-Shallows - December 1, 1998; Refuge - Jan. 1999; Portal to Cyberspace - August 25, 1999


Some Archived Early Works of Pygoya

THE WEBMUSEUM CYBERCULTURE RESEARCH LIBRARY, a  place  for artists to study Web culture at The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart.
Now includes Cyberculture Art Museum - all art media works with the Internet/Web as subject matter

As another added convenience, a synopsis of this site is available as THE BROWSER'S GUIDEBOOK to The Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart.

RECEPTION HALL is the Webmuseum's own Chat Room; open to the public for exhibit opening receptions for the artist(s); check in "What's New & Extended Information" above for scheduled show openings. The museum's chat lounge is always accessible to the public; schedule and go there to chat with other museum goers discussing their museum visit and at the same time becoming acquainted with one another.




catharc1.jpg (4520 bytes)

April 13  - December 15, 1999

At our site: exhibit by Catherine Yakovina of St. Petersburg, Russia
At TC Art Gallery: exhibit by Pygoya of Honolulu, USA

bytcart.jpg (23854 bytes)
further translation
Pygoya's featured work at TC Art Gallery, 1999

Sign Webmuseum Guestbook Guestbook by GuestWorld View Webmuseum Guestbook



The Artist's Home on the Web Art Studio

The Artist's Journal

Pygoya maintains LightHome Hawaii, a member art site of the international art ring, R2001.

Pygoya's Family - on a fishing adventure, 2001


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Munich e-cultural award 1998


80x80_award3.gif (2703 bytes)

Doras Shamrock Award
Doras Directory of Irish Sites
Telecom Internet, Ireland

In our assessment of your site we have taken into account the following
elements: content, functionality, style, innovation and how well we feel
the site achieves its objectives.  Congratulations on your Doras Shamrock award.

Pygoya's work ("Cyber Marketplace")  in the 2000  Spring Exhibition of The Scottish Site


Listed Museum of Art Planet.Com-select Museums

Pygoya's Art in Perspective - Past, Present and Future
French German Italian Portuguese Spanish

Pygoya and Techno Art -Christine Bucar
Pygoya and the Hawaii Computer Art Society

Historical  Interview with the artist-
Artist on the Edge - Info Magazine, 1989

Table of Contents
Page 1  Page 2  Page 3

R2001 ring, the Web and Art

at the

March 1-31, 2000


To Web site portal or entry to Truly Virtual Web Art Museum (which includes Pygoya Webmuseum)

Archived Past Exhibitions of Webmuseum Cybercolony

First Online Exhibit -1996, HCAS, March1997-January1998
Historic Disco Dental Clinic - 1979-91
Some dear lifelong artist-friends of Pygoya
Artist on the Edge - Info Magazine, 1989

Virtual reality entry

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Go to the Pygoya Museum Complex, Cyberists Hall , Lobby with Cyberists Hall Wing or the Elevator to upstairs gallery exhibits honoring international cultural centers - using advanced .wsb file extension for VRML, a visiting artist's review of ALL upstairs galleries (4/27/98)

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VIP Suite Gallery is accessed via the Elevator- select the top Penthouse floor where VIP Suite is annexed with New York City VR Gallery



THE RAVE WEBMUSEUM OF CYBERART- a curated developing online permanent collection of cyberart of the Web

THE O'CARNEY WEBMUSEUM THEATER- features digital art animation for the Internet


Other Upcoming Scheduled Exhibitions
(all locations of www.lastplace.com)


To Web site portal or entry to Truly Virtual Web Art Museum (which includes Pygoya Webmuseum)



Easy navigation to all 5 museums of this Web site.
Enjoy your visit of this member Webmuseum again.
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NO fare, courtesy transport for
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Past Winners!


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