Selected Exhibitions

1997-Present  - listing of all exhibits,  1968-19E96 -comprehensive listing, Museums

"The Rodney Chang 20-year Retrospective Exhibition", Ramsay Museum, Honolulu, 1987

"The Second Emerging Expression Biennial Exhibition", juried group exhibit, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, New York, 1987

"Computer Paintings", solo exhibition, Nishi Noho Gallery, Manhattan Noho district, New York, 1987
Waikiki Beach to New York City, 1987
NoHo Exhibit Statement (original jpg), HTML version with 2001 notes, 1987

"Rodney Chang>Computer Artist", solo exhibition, Shanghai State Art Museum, Shanghai, People's Republic of China, 1988

"Artists of Hawaii," Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1988

"Electrum XVIII," Holter Art Museum, juried exhibition, Helena, Montana, 1989

"Crossings", juried exchange group show between Honolulu and Paris, Salon De La Jeune Peinture, Paris, France, 1989

"Siggraph Art Exhibition", juried world group exhibition of computer graphics, National Computer Graphics Association (NCGA) national convention, Dallas, Texas, 1990

"Rodney Chang>Computer Artist", solo exhibition, Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1990

"Rodney Chang>Computer Artist", solo exhibition, The Forum, Gutersloh, Germany, 1990

"Rodney Chang>Computer Artist", solo exhibition, Tartu State Art Museum, U.S.S.R., (now Estonia), 1990

"Emerging Computer Graphic Artists", juried group exhibition (juried by Laurence Gartel), The Multi-Media Arts Gallery, New York, New York, 1991

"Artists of Hawaii," juried annual exhibition, Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1991

"Rodney Chang>Computer Artist", Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon, 1991

"Hawaii Computer Art Society," Kauai Art Museum, 1993, Kauai, Hawaii

"New Works," Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas, NV, 1994

"Multi-Platform", group show by HCAS, Gallery on the Pali, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1997; a significant  exhibition because  it is Pygoya's first hardcopy exhibition of cyberart  derived from the  artist's online experience of  the Internet phenomena ("Webman", "Chatroom Lovers", "Cyberspace")

"The Webfelt Museum", August -September 1996; - important note: although Pygoya thought up the name, he was inexperienced enough to not realize that the web company producing his contracted site had registered his domain under their company's name, without asking permission of the creator of the name, then refused to change title of domain ownership. Sadly, it has come to the artist's attention that as of 2003 continues to exist but now is a pornographic site! At this time, Pygoya has no affiliation with this site unfit for children and adults who care not to experience such offensive content.

Hawaii Computer Art Society's "Rodney Chang Gallery" -March-December 1997

"Pygoya Webmuseum of Cyberart", May 1997-present, online at

"The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart", May 1997-present,

"The Webmuseum Theater", May 1997-present,

"The Collective Gallery of Computer Generated Art", own page exhibit, 4th Qtr, 1997 at

"Artist's Showcase Gallery" of Cybertown.Com, January-June, 1998; juried showcase,

Arconet "Cyberrt Gallery", Estonia's Arconet server gallery, January 1998

HCAS's Rodney Chang Gallery, Hawaii Computer Art Society's Web site, Series 2 of
The Pygoya Recent Works Gallery, January 1998

"Binary Code", Trans Hudson Gallery, New York, New York; group R2001 Internet/gallery historic exhibit; June 14, 1998

Country Without Borders, Abraham Lubelski Gallery, r2001 group exhibition; September 6-17, 1998, 473 Broadway 7th Flr, NY, NY 10013

"Physicians and Their Art", University of Medicine & Dentistry, Piscataway, New Jersey,  co-sponsored by the Visual Arts League (Judith Way, Director), October 12-November 29, 1998

"Art - Manege '98" group exhibition - Central Exhibition Hall of Moscow, a masterpiece by A. Betankur, O. Bove and O. Monferran, built in 1817 near the Moscow Kremlin; exhibited "Cyberstamps", managed by Jas Cyberspace Museum, December 4 -10, 1998

lst India International Digital Art Exhibition - Oxford Gallery, Calcutta, Featured and invited artist and curator, December 1999;, Oxford Gallery and sponsorship

DigitalArtMuseum at, March-April 2000

2nd India International Digital Art Exhibition, Circular Art Gallery at the Nehru Center, Mumbai (Bombay), India, April 11-17, 2000; sponsorship

3rd India  International Digital Art Exhibition - Lincoln Center, New York City, June 2000; Visual Arts League, NJ sponsorship

Museum of Computer Art - July 11, 2001 opening online, 8 Digital Abstractions, archived MOCA exhibit

East Hawai'i Cultural Center, 1st & 2002 International Cyberart Exhibition, an invited group of world digital artists, including 1 work by Pygoya; curated by Pygoya, EHCC, Hilo, Hawaii, USA, January 4-25, 2002. Perpetual online archived catalog

100 Cyberbabies! - art born for the Internet's cyberculture,  birthdate & delivery on July 26, 2002

2003- 120 Cyberbabies!

2003 - 309 WEB-BABIES!

2003- www/europe/eArt - art done in preparation for European trip and contribution to group exhibitions in Germany, Austria, and Hungary

Pygoya 1st historic European Art Tour 2003 - English   German

Frankfurt, Germany, Frankfurt Internatinal Airport, Oct-Nov 2003, international Webism exhibition
Vienna Art Hotel, Austria, Nov. 2003, international Webism exhibition
  -Vienna Art Hotel Reception-Restaurant, October 25-November 30; Golden Tulip Galleries, November 7-8
Budepest, Hungary, Nov. 2003; international Webism exhibition

EUROPEAN INFLUENCES 2003   -series of works done after inspirational first trip to Europe and visits to Vienna and  Budapest art museums

Py's Web Art Calendar 2004 - interactive online calendar with clickable daily featured digital art 

Pygoya's Box of Chocolates - another interactive Web Art project, click on candies for different art treats; includes e-figure art from initial felt pen drawings erased from bulletin board after capture by digital camera

Variety Pack New Year 2004 Show - mixture of end of year abstract and figure art

Roswell Museum and Art Center, juried 24th Art Exhibition 2007, in conjunction with the Roswell Fine Arts League and New Mexico Miniature Art Society, August 2007m Roswell, N.M.



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