As the collage technique replaced oil paint, the cathode ray tube will replace the canvas. - Nam June Paik

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Marko Butina- a favorite digital artist of British artist John Rixen; Slovanian language; English version added in 1999

Tim Mullins - works with tin as art medium and digital imagery; resides in Santa Barabara, CA

Lucian Millis - life long work with computers and self-taught digital artist residing in Netanya, Israel; creates fractal art

Telling Bird - Cherokee artist and poet  of New Mexico

Roman Verostko

Rick Doble - digital photo and computer graphics; 30+ years in photography, Master's degree in communications

Bryan Smith- brilliant computer art; Thinkpieces; American artist creates out of Saudi Arabia; invited and exhibited first in Rave Webmuseum's Spotlight Gallery in 1998

Erik Johnson -Erik Johnson's Virtual Gallery, different art media including computer graphics

Nancy Wood - 20+ years painter of large canvases, MFA from UCLA, presently instructor of digital arts at Art Institute of Houston in Houston, Texas

Ansgard Thomson - born 1923 in Germany, now lives on farm in Canada; considered "the senior Canadian computer artist on the Net" by prominent Canadian digital artist, Robert Downing; does different work including watercolor, photography and animations; a long time community leader for the arts of the Fort Assiniboine area of Alberta

Catherine Yokovina - talented artist and photographer, with many great young Russian artists at "TC Art" Web site, St. Petersburg, Russia

Jason Cooper - keep an eye on this talent young artis from Missisippi; some adult material but what an imagination! Buy now while his work is still affordable

"M"-this is a must-visit for all who want an introduction to art; includes art history, children art resources, the artist's work, the mathematics of art, a R2001 gallery and links, and much more.

Joan Stark - well known Ascii artist referred to by Erik K.Veland of Norway

"M"s WCOSG Gallery, an affiliated gallery with Webmuseum Cybercolony

Anne E. Harris- 80 year old (1998) computer artist who turned to this medium in her middle 70's because of her physical limitations; a role model of courage and longevity of the creative art spirit for us all! The artist now resides in a retirement home where she continues to create art on her computer. She is awarded a solo exhibition at Webmuseum Cybercolony as an outstanding artist for a lifetime.

Atmara Rebecca Cloe- visionary and digital artist

Duke Marsh - great animator on the Web; site links to many resources for 3D animators and artists; check out the "Commander's" cool space animations!

Joseph Tany - graduated from art school in Israel and now paints in Barcelona, Spain; great oil on canvases including abstracts, portraits and couples.

John C. Macpherson - creates art from a mobile home, living Anwhere in the USA; exhibition in Cyberist Hall of the Pygoya Webmuseum in 2000; previously an aerospace engineer before becoming an artist.

Renata Ratajczyk-photographer and digital artist in Toronto, Canada

Gary Beeber-New York LightHome; digital paintings and photographs

Fringe Gallery- quality selection of exhibited work including digital art

Earl L. Hinrichs - master of fractal fine art; believe it!

Diane Candle, aka Lady Diamond, an exquisite art site with Old World charm endowed with romantic and expressive paintings of all types of subject matter

Jeff Alu - AnimAlu Productions- 3-D-animation, renderings; a talented astronomer, musician and digital artist in California

Sonerae Leese- digital artist; 3-D works; Morning Star Media Design

Jennifer Young - paintings; LightHome of Virginia

W. Lair - versatile artists of different art media; foremost a ceramist

Diana Dru- The Art of Diana Dru; romantic and dreamlike art; a.k.a. Lady Art

Marcel Achard - great 3D digital artist residing in Montreal, Canada; his Epiphany inducted into the Rave Webmuseum in February 1998

Vincent Grek - Belgian artist and physician with Art.Net

Harvey Weinreich-abstract, digital, Asian subject matter included

Hunter O'Reilly-Artist and Geneticist; read and see how genetic work affects the artist's inner vision and style; owner of LightHome Wisconsin

Kolja Tatic- digital surrealism with monumental architecture creates a very lonely world in the Glass City exhibit at Kolja T.'s wonderful site.

Kerry Mitchell - fine arts fractal art and animation; trained as engineer and mathematician; work exhibited in museums and published in books

Steve Bennett- great 3D digital images as GIF seamless animations; resides in Kansas City, MO,USA

Lynn McKamey-digital animations; includes feature page on Steve Bennett's animations

Art Holden & Jim Mahoney- co-digital animators at Eclispse Digital Web site

Song Ki Sung-South Korean 3D digital artists rapidly gaining international recognition for his award winning work

Patricia Mae Young- beautiful serene pastels and watercolors; "World Wide Landscapes"

Cheryl Boswell-Pathway's Gallery; digital artist

Jenfour - Jenifour Gallery; fast developing digital artist with 2 years of effort ; mostly representational and some cartoons

Bellini -Compendium Quadrinhos, Brazilian Website with among other creative presentations including comics, photographic montages with digital manipulation as fine art.

Shahar Kober-member of Digital Art Ring

Alfredo Mateus - digital artist and owner of The Digital Art Ring

Aleski Aaltonen - artist in charge of LightHome of Finland of the R2001 Webring; vrml/animation

Dennis Carney, Sr. - artist for over 35 years, now including interesting digital photographics and morph animations; passed away in March 1998; as previous assistant director, Webmuseum renamed the O'Carney Webmuseum Theater (

Lanny Ray Quarles- 3D digital artist

Koji Ito-Avant-Garde Web artist

Carlos Pheonix-great figurative and scene drawing and painting; some comic book sytle renderings

Jarek Starenda - The Gallery on i/us; digital artist who exhibited in Cyberists Hall of Pygoya Webmusem of Cyberart in 1998; JSTAR GRAPHICS- Illustration & Design; Chicago, Illinois, USA

John Rixon - great digital artist and retired college art teacher in England; exhibited at Cyberists Hall of Pygoya Webmueum of Cyberart in 1998

KADE- aka Jeremy Gaywood, UK digital artist; exhibited at Cyberists Hall of Pygoya Webmueum of Cyberart in 1998

Neil Zusman- Shockwave Macromedia experimentation

Daisuke Matsunobu-large abstract contemporary paintings; operates Fukuoka, Japan LightHome site in R2001 Webring

Joe Kiel- LightHome Munich; the ShopArt Group of Munich artists in R2001 Webring

Cecil Touchon - A LightHome in the Shining Mountains site of R2001 Webring

Maria Fabre -Spanish artist operating Barcelona LightHome of the R2001 Webring

Salvatore Ventura - extraordinary watercolor art; see New York Times review by critic William Zimmer on Salvatore Ventura's work.

Frans Fransson- painter in Norway that operates Lighthome of Norway of R2001 Webring

Benjamin J. Britton, MA, MFA - Asst. Prof. of Electronic Art at University of Cincinnati at the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning; his "Lascaux" inducted into the Rave Webmuseum in August 1997.

Bilal Chebaro - born in Lebanon, lives in Stockholm, Sweden

Mine egne bilder -artist, Oslo, Norse

Andre Durand- Andre Durand, painter

Chun Xia - cyberartist with a "manifesto for 21st Century Art" based upon the concept of "art=communication"; wildCAT gallery; featured works in our first (1997) GREAT! exhibition

Cyberartist - VRML artist, link to many other virtual environment art sites

Joseph Nechvatal - participant in ISEA97

Sinclair Art Gallery

Terry Baker

Aladrin Frehan

Cary Enouch Reinstein-Enouch's Vision Gallery & LightHome Seattle; photographs and digital media paintings

Annette Messager- The School of the Visual Arts, MOMA art project

Lora Dibner,MFA-one of first historic MFA graduates in Computer Art from Computer Art Department of the School of Visual Arts, NY

Angelique Anderson,MFA-one of first historic MFA graduates in Computer Art from Computer Art Department of the School of Visual Arts, NY

Wynne Ragland-Webstock's Digital Art Gallery

Ken Heidenrich-Webstock's Digital Art Gallery

Michael Curtis - of Hudson, Ohio, piece inducted into the Rave Webmuseum in 1997

N*Gen Interactive - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

MkzaK2.0 - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

Auria Harvey - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

Woozy - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web art

adaWeb - cited by author Jason Teague in "Web Art" article as contemporary Web artists

Chris Kawalek -garnered many Web site awards, including ours; Latin quotes!

Yuji Furusawa -"Farawia", Japan based computer artist

Indina Beuche -digital artist in Hamburg

Douglas R. Cootey- dedicated fractal artist

Daisuke Matsunobu- digital artist and painter in Japan

David Daigle-LA photographer with eye for the frayed object

Erik Johnson -Digital Media; digital artist in Colorado

Alisa Lowden -digital artist

Hideyuki Oda -digital artist in Japan

Wee Peng - Cosmic Shift; young digital artist at residing in Singapore

Yoshihiro Taketomix's Gallery -digital artist in Japan

Aaron Calhoun-digital artist

Stephanie Cunningham, MFA -Windows of Reflection & Transparency; Notre Dame U.

Brian Evans- digital artist

Melissa Binde- digital artist

Jill's Website-pursuing degree in Computer Fine Art at Academy of Art College, SF

Jeremy Gaywood, Kade's Art Gallery, digital artist who exhibited in Cyberists Hall of Pygoya Webmusem of Cyberart in 1998

Lee Aruthur Fairbanks, digital artist

Paul Christian Bos-Paul Christian Bos Gallery; digital art

Jason A. Kirk- Jason's Art Gallery, digital artist

Thierry Burlot -3D digital French artist, very nice architectural interiors; Zeb's Homepage

AD Image or David Arnould -3D digital commerical art, French language only

The following are the 4 French 3D digital artists that exhibited in Pygoya Webmuseum's Cyberists Hall, its inaugural online vrml exhibition in 1997

Thomas Vincent - from a small town in France; at age 21 working full time on developing as a fine arts computer artist

Pierre Roux- 3D computer artist; uses 3D Studio on a Pentium

Arnaud Riess- 22 year old graphic designer in France, loves science fiction and theoretical astronomy

Claudio Gallego- works with Alias Power Animator and other 3D programs on Silicon Graphics

Michael Mayer- computer artist and publisher of The Computer Artists Forum, current exhibited art at his gallery Web site include Timour El-Husseini, Jesus J. Pagsanjan, Corday Mabry, Noel Bebee, Scott Munro, Linda Palmer, Gail Emerson, Marshall Breedon, Pygoya and Chrystine Westphal; last copy published December 1997

Dominic Crinson - London artists working in digital imagery and ceramics; has had shows in Japan and Portugal under sponsorship of the Bristish Arts Council

Kelly McLarnon - 3D digital artists and Web site designer

Daniel Lee - His "Manimals" are morphed imagery between man and animals inspired by ideology of Buddist incarnation; very good morph fine arts

Debbi Germann's Archival Exhibit Catalog-image archive of historic first vrml exhibition in Pygoya Webmuseum's VIP Suite Gallery up in the penthouse floor

Gamini Kumara

Tom Upton Photography

The Williams Gallery of Fine Art's digital artists, exclusive sales rights to their limited edition prints, usually IRIS ink jets in editions of 10-100-Michael Berger, Joan Truckenbrod,Joan Hierholzer, Andor Orand, Susum Endo, Barbara Joffe, George Cramer, Mandfred Mohr, Alan Falk, Dorothy Krause, David Leibowitz, Uri Dotan, Barbara Nessim, Roman Verostko, and Steward Dickson (artist's portfolios online on January 2, 1998)

Ken Musgrave-Online Gallery of Synthetic Fractal Images- fractal landscapes, planets and other subject matter by long time fractal artist, renown for his computer generated "algorithmic art"

Uri Dotan, Hall of Fame-pioneering digital artist, Scitex Art Gallery

Barabara Nessim's Studio-well known computer artist

Roman Verostko-pioneered the world's first software driven paint brush

Dorothy Simpson Krause-Professor of Computer Art in Massachusetts, famous for capturing a Medieval fine arts appearance of her digital art; represented in the Rave Webmuseum, 1998

Adobe Art Gallery- includes work of one of Japan's leading digital artist, Susumu Endo

Manfred Mohr Art Statement

David Leibowitz-well known computer artist

Joan Hierholzer Artist's Statement

Barbara Joffe's Artist's Statement

Michelle Sohn-sub.cutaneous site

Javier Recuero-digital artist exhibiting at Arconet, Estonia

John Rixon-UK digital artist

David Monachello-digital art of thoughts and feelings

Elizabeth Konogeris-digital artist of mystical and visionary art, all elements of myself; exhibits in 1998 GREAT! and Cyberist Hall of Pygoya Webmuseum

Fabio Ciucci-Italian digital artist and future architect; created online paint program for visitors of site to create and submit graphic work to his virtual gallery site

Dave Archer-artist and inventor of electric charges that assist in creating his world renown Electric Glass Paintings

Cecil Herring-Florida digital artist and painter famous for her Space Art and Spacescapes Gallery

Marketta Leino-one of the pioneering computer artists of Finland; does digital art and animation

TheDigital Artists & Groups in Cybertown's Artists Showcase-(juried selection)- January-June 1998



Art Without Words

Brent Brumfield

Michael B. Comet

John Peter Dugan

A Gallery of Digital Delights

Kevin Goldsmith

Hawaii Computer Art Society

Kenn Kilgore

Marketta Leino

Barry Munden

Robert Nederhorst

Jorgen Nilsson

Richard Nizynski

Pian and friends


J.W. Raikes

Tom Repasky

Steve R. Schroeder

Todd Sheridan

The Spirit of Hawk

Wendy Staib

Steve Stiles

Ann Stretton

Michael Tang

Trilby Temperley

Mark Underhill

Virtual Fine Art Exhibits

Fischer West

THE 1997 GREAT!- an cyberspace multi-site art  tour over the Internet

First Great! Network Electronic Art Tour- selected links to Web sites selected for The Eight International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). This first GREAT! networked showcase of electronic art is documented in Webmuseum Cyberculture Research Library. As time passes progressive number of the links below may not work (art projects removed from the Web). The next GREAT! network tour will be posted online January 1, 1998.