Here is where written information about the museum, the collections and the artists is available for browsing visitor, serious art collector, gallery and museum directors ,  cyberculture researcher and art historian alike.

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 Definition & Description of "Cyberart"                                    

About the museum or Web-site

About the artists, including Pygoya, Mingli Jiang, Phuong Tran , Sandra Young and Larry Lovett

About the cyberart exhibited in the museum

About books of Pygoya's art and theories of art and psychology

Archival documentation of all exhibited works at the museum, including special invitational exhibitions of other outstanding cyberartists discovered on the Web

The Webmuseum Cyberculture Research  Library accumulates research and other information describing the Internet cyberculture from which artists may gain inspiration or generate concepts for their creation of cyberart.

Specific information on contacting the museum staff

Nov. 98 Grand Opening - Pygoya Webmuseum Collectibles
- our museum's gift shop & souvenirs gallery in iCat Mall - you can return from the gift shop to this webmuseum site  by clicking on the "Web Site" icon there

This replaces the former Gift Shop and the Collectors Gallery as of November 1998


Affiliated links to other Web-sites of Pyogya Webmuseum and art sites recommended for brower visitation by our art review staff

Separate from The Pygoya Webmuseum are the other 3 museums of this Website, the Webmuseum Cybercolony:   The Rave Webmuseum of Cyberart , The O'Carney Webmuseum Theater for digital animation and The Cyberculture Art Museum in the library

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