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September 2015


The Truly Virtual Web Art Museum is not just a creative platform through which to view art but a vast resource with a countless number of creative films and installations. With such an ample selection to choose from you may easily miss out on a spectacular piece or video, and so what follows are my personal favorites that I wouldn’t want any users to miss out on.


October Bloomers in Honolulu

This is a particularly beautiful art film which presents a variety of artwork that depicts scenes of flowers in bloom, plant life, and their surrounding environment. The selection of paintings in this film is quite varied, going from colourful and vibrant plant life with eye catching backgrounds to pieces that are very selective in their use of color and focus on using the contrast between bright and dark to attract the viewer’s attention.


So not only does this film show many creative and stunning paintings but it also provides an insight into how different artists have distinctive views on similar objects, as demonstrated by the collection of diverse art in this video.


Big Island, a Hawaiian Paradise

Hawaii is indeed a massive island that no visitor can hope to completely see and witness with their own eyes, but thankfully this video gives us an of what it would be like to experience some of the amazing natural beauty to be found on the island. From the view of Hawaii’s shoreline as seen from the beaches to a roadside surrounded by trees and greenery this video gives great insight into what a citizen of the island experiences and what they see day to day.


The nature centric essence of this film in particular is lovely because when you think of Hawaii you don’t usually imagine its forests and greenery but merely its beaches and hotels that contribute to its status as a tropical getaway. This short film is an essential watch for those who want a greater perspective into the natural habitat that can be seen upon this amazing island. 


Art Express

I’m a particular fan of this film as the main subject manner happens to be abstract art, a genre which I especially enjoy. The abstract paintings chosen for the film are quite varied but that is only to be expected as artists, especially abstract artists, all have different ideas and modes of expression.


The entirety of the video is a joy to watch as each painting is very unique and distinct and each stands out by using colors in unique ways, such as for added vibrancy or to create a feeling of simplicity. The paintings also depict very different scenes, sometimes focusing on a singular landscape and other times completely abandoning the idea of creating recognizable locations and ultimately leaving it up to you to derive your own meaning from the piece.


Hoosier Country

As opposed to focusing on abstract art, as the film ‘Art Express’ does, Hoosier Country (Indiana University, Bloomington) selects pieces that use realism as a source of inspiration and focus. The artwork in this film depicts landscapes (American Midwestern) in new and interesting ways while still maintaining a sense of realism. The artists’ creative modes of expression came through by making some objects more blurred and less distinct than they are in reality or taking a few features away from something to make a statement. I very much appreciated the use of simple colors and shapes used throughout the film are it adds to the realism of the pieces.


Early Digital Art  (by Rodney Pygoya Chang)

With the film ‘Early Digital Art’ we once again run into the abstract genre of art, but this time we see it mix with the concept of simplicity in very original ways. With these choice selections there is a sense of simplicity, especially in the ways the colors were selected and used and the shapes used to depict scenery or the human body. In many cases what the art is attempting to depict is easy to discern but it is presented in original ways with colors we would never usually associate with the object or landscape in the scene, and as such it is a great film to watch if you are looking to challenge your perspective.


So those were just a few of my favorite art films from the selection available on the site. I hope that you take the time to watch them for yourself and explore the rest of the Truly Virtual Web Art Museum and enjoy what it has to offer you.


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girl diaper cake

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