Traditionally New Year greetings observe the past and forecast the future. 
From the time of ISA founding we are talking about vital importance of spiritual dimension of human life, about decisive mission of art and artists in human progress and harmony. Our activity should unite people and awake the world for the best future.
Our tasks look difficult in the contemporary situation. Philosopher and writer Ken Wilber characterizes: ”With the death of the avant-garde and the triumph of irony, art seems to have nothing sincere to say. Narcissism and nihilism battle for a center stage that isn’t even there; kitsch and camp crawl all over each other in a fight for a representation that no longer matters anyway; there seems to arise only the egoic inclination of artist and critic alike, caught in halls of self-reflecting mirrors, admiring their image in a world that once cared". As a result of such situation, a public interest to art is very low, and sincere arts are devoid of possibilities to communicate in the world.
But, we look forward optimistically. Artist Ademola Olugebefola, the member of ISA and “International artists for world harmony”, crystallizes our joint endeavours, goals, and mission as a new paradigm of the twenty-first century: ”Let us perpetuate cooperative communication among us – producing important international theme exhibitions, sponsoring educational forums and programs, creating and distributing new age publications, and inventing far reaching, new visual languages that employ universal movement, sound and symbology. We, both collectively and as individual artists, must simultaneously initiate economic enhancement projects as we will encourage the human spirit to reach new heights. In this new paradigm of the twenty-first century, humanity’s quest for peace, tolerance, love and harmony is treading exciting new paths. We take pride that our collective work has contributed significantly to the creative footprint of this era”.
We believe in quick progress of our endeavours; people are inner waiting for a new renaissance in art. In the New Year the new ideas will come from many people, many enthusiasts will realize them.
Happy New Year!
Sergej Jakovlev,
President of ISA