Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2015 09:23:17 -1000
pygoya <>

Dear Trisha,

      I am a long time Honolulu mixed media artist.   I believe I am the first digital artist of Hawaii, exhibiting since 1985 when I then had art galleries in Kalihi, then Chinatown.  I have been formerly invited to exhibit and traveled to Shanghai Art Museum, India, as well as Europe (Paris,Frankfurt, Vienna, Budapest).
     At age 70, I would like to participate in the Artist in the Schools program, sharing my work and experience of my online virtual art museum.  Truly Virtual Web Art Museum was launched in 1997 and now averages 250 visitors a day.  Over 1.5 million folks around the globe have visited the web site.
    Here is an example introductory to the site video -  and a sample virtual art exhibition -
   I propose a full wall projection of such a video exhibit at Hawaii Art Museum.  School children could do excursions there.  I would be available for introductory lecture and also for visitations to the schools. 
   Through my work and efforts, we need to make the public aware that Hawaii leads the online world in fine arts video presentations.  I hope for your interest and kokua in raising local student awareness of the new e-digital art form.

Sincerely and with Aloha,

Rodney "Pygoya" Chang, DDS, MA, MS.Ed, PhD