Halloween feature for Bangor Daily News
Saturday/Sunday, October 29-30, 2005








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Photo of haunted House with Christmas tree lit on Halloween
This is the setting in the novel Pygoya; an art installation in real life; a moment of the supernatural in the novel

Tree Planting

Note from administrator- Honolulu Gifted Student Program

Pygoya, the paperback novel, available online

Haunted House sale

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Xmas at /Halloween/ in /Bangor/, Maine -Pygoya, a conceptual art project for /Stephen King/ *...* Rodney Pygoya /Chang/ invited artist by juror Larence Gartel in inaugural Digital Long Island Exhibition 2007 (click on INVITATIONAL EXHIBITION) Exhibit Info Dr. Rodney Pygoya /Chang/ *...* News about Opening by /Disco Doc//Pygoya *...*
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