Some Flashbacks pre-digital art by Pygoya






Discosaur, 1985, Bronze






Three's a Crowd, or Rejected Lover Below (with new lovers on rooftop), 1983, Mixed media, including
dental anesthetic carpules







Ballerina Girl  2008








Rochelle's Precious Collectible, Not the Car, But  Getting Her Driver's License( in This Car), July 2009
















Waiting for the dental chair in party vibes, "Da Waiting Room," 1990








Interface,  Exhibited in Shanghai Art Museum solo exhibition
by Rodney Chang, 1988









Natural Curiosity by the Next Generation - Rodney Pygoya Chang, 1984








UFO, one of  Rodney Chang's lst computer artworks, 1984  (IBM XT, Lumena software)







EARTH, edited - 2009 - Pygoya



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