Archived Pygoya (Dr. Rodney Chang) Exhibits / Writings



Historical Major Exhibitions organized 
& sponsored by this museum

Museum Exhibitions




Historic Major work
House of Cyberculture
Potpourri Gallery, Web art 1997 
Special Effects Gallery1997   
India World Cyberart Exhibit, 
Recent Works Gallery - 2000-2004
2002 Museum International 
Cyberart Traveling Show
2002- 100 Cyberbabies!
2003- 120 Cyberbabies!
2003 - 309 WEB-BABIES!
2003-Europe eArt
2003- Vienna Webism Poster
European Art Tour - 2003
European Influences Exhibit 2003
Variety Pack  New Year 2004 Show
Pygoya's European Art Tour '03
Art of The Rock - August 2004
Cyberworks 2005
WebPaint I - 2005
WebPaint II - 2005
CyberOILS (2003-2006)
Roswell Series Selections - 2007
Cyberpaintings Series 1 - 2008
Cyberpaintings Series 2 - 2008





Pygoya in Hawaii Dental Assn Journal
Art Consultant: About Pygoya
Collectors of Pygoyan art - be one too!
40"x50" Giclee Print Editions 2005
Roy's Restaurant and Studio 1 exhibits statement 2004Pygoya in Journal of Applied Sciences
ISSN 1680-8926   a quote from article
Who's Pygoya ? 2005
What "Pygoya Museum" Means
First exhibits online 1997
e-Notes to Pygoya
Museums Print Exhibit Proposals
Some Collections
"Art Appreciation" Quantified
About the Cyberist
solo, Shanghai Art Museum
Recent Works Gallery
2002  3D Pygoya Museum
MARS - a show by Pygoya in 1997
Oils collection in online 3D Museum
Marathon Cyberbabies 02
Pygoya's Startup
Pygoya's Earliest PC Works (1985-86)
Pygoya Rewrites Art History?
End Of Summer Series '03
Pygoya's 1st European Art Tour 

European Tour Speech
Webist Greetings,Euro-German Poster-Budapest
Documentation-Europe Tour '03
@MoulinRouge series
Still Live in Vienna 03
Pygoya's Box of Chocolates
Variety Pack New Year 2004 Show
Pygoya's section of world online show, "Destination Hawaii"
Fantasy or realty?
Going Virtual






Webism art movement-French -German Portuguese   Japanese  JII

What "is" art?
Some Cybercultural sites
Definition of "Cyberart"
The Psychology of Art
Beyond Computer Art
Correlation between Digital and
20th Century Art Movements
Interview: Pygoyan Art Today
Interview: Deutsch (German)
Other Languages Translations
Digital Prints: a Webist's Viewpoint
Art "Roles" Realization
Art Talk for Dentists
Formation of Digital Artist Style
Visons of Sugar Plums 4 Art's Sake
Visions-blog documentation 12-31-04
Adapting to Online Art 
Immortality and Art
Art for Eternity
The Chaotic Existence of the Computer Artist
- a theory of integration among Darwinism, chaos theory, art psychological processes, 
computer graphic systems, and oil painting

The Master’s Touch - Main Street, a digital dead end
The “Pygoyan Gap”- Identified Mental Time Gap 
Between Naturalistic and Abstract Painting
Cerebral Conflict in Abstract Art Perception
Finally, Validation via Art Historian




Pygoya's BLOGS - Online Artist's Journal


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