About the Artist's Historic and Philosophical 
Approach to Making Digital Art

I read with some interest and amusement Rodney Chang's "Correlations 
between 20th Century Art and Digital Art" located at: 
http://www.lastplace.com/digiartmovement.htm His thesis is 
interesting; that is, art movements of 20th century are isolated 
cultural elements of the times, but when viewed as a pluralistic 
melting pot, "digital art" can be seen to emerge as a logical 
extension or correlation of all of what we call Modernist Art. Of 
course, he is looking back, re-writing history, through digital 
colored glasses; but it is interesting. For example, Pointillism and 
Impressionism being fully expressed by the use of pixels to create 
imagery. Surrealism as it is expressed in photo-manipulation and in 
3D synthetic environments. Dadaism is seen in the appropriation of 
imagery and the use of found objects generated through random image 
processing. OP Art, as well as, the bright electronic colors of Les 
Fauves; every Modernist art movement seems to be reflected in what we 
see and do, today, on the CRT. 


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