August 15, 2008


Uncle Clay's Doe Fang Snack Shop
Aina Haina Shopping Center

Guest of Honor and Guest Speaker:
Mayor Mufi Hanneman, City & County of Honolulu


"Unveiling of Pure Aloha Oath"


Program by Bronson Chang, Renovation Project and Business Model Director


A special kind of Icee, Hawaiian style


"Uncle Clay," the creator of "Da Bomb,"  "Superman," and other of his "Magic Icees"






One of several Uncle Clay t-shirts



Julie greets guests Bronson and Erlinda



Great Hawaiian falsetto singer


Home of Magic Icees


Uncle Clay gives a speech as Erlinda and Py listen with Py enjoying an Icee; art by Py


Chinese dried fruit preserves delight!


Laurie congrats Bronson for the hard effort on renovation and reposition "Doe Fang" to "Uncle Clay's"


Unveiling the Pure Aloha Oath




Richard taking the oath?


Bouquet of congrats



Uncle Clay and Mayor Mufi Hanneman of Honolulu


Bronson chats with the mayor; Mats orders an Icee


"And further more..."


To the left, Uncle Clay's new PT employee


Erlinda and Dr. Rodney Chang with the mayor


Laurie embraces Bronson as Julie attends Guest book outside door




Presentation of art gift to the mayor by Uncle Clay; art by Pygoya



It's a landscape of Ohana and Pure Aloha via contemporary Koolau landscape



Mayor in turn presents lst poster just printed to Uncle Clay




and autographs it as Bronson looks on; other art by Pygoya graces the walls


"This guy is going far, might be your future Hawaii governor."



Thanking and recognizing all the volunteers


What "Pure Aloha" means to me


There's hope in the next generation with the likes of Bronson


Loyal supporters of Uncle Clay's shop


Houston greets Uncle Clay


All smiles!



Speech thank you to director for Hawaii government small business 


Great Hawaiian musician with Sylvia


Frogs and flowers donated by Rochelle Chang




Hmm, guess I'll eat this one.




Former runner up of the Narcissus Queen contest of Hawaii still looks hot!


Compulsive clean up volunteer