Historic lst Internet global art exhibition sponsored by Truly Virtual Web Art Museum
Curated by Rodney Pygoya Chang, MA, MSEd, Phd

          ROSWELL UFO       


Someone on Earth reports seeing a UFO every three minutes!  (most don't report)
- Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 3-8-07


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New in 2013- Take Me to Your Leader, a film using this UFO/alien global artists' exhibition
(copyright for individual images used in the film remain with the artist)


 animated slide show

Cyberart Space Gallery-1997  Japan UFO2 1  UFO 5min before 911 

 UFO sighting during CNN broadcast  UFO China Alien Ship on 

Famous Japan Airlines UFO incident  Buzz Aldrin UFO sighting  Believe!  Hubble Deep Field

Call for gallery partner-2008

UFO show & Alien/Woman wedding ceremony documentation

Real alien to woman marriage!

Glenn Miller- Roswell Mortician interivew

Steven Greer - Sirius Disclosure Project 2001 - Alien/Secret Technology


Space rock with symbol identical to a crop circle found in Roswell

dedicated to the Roswell Incident of 1947, its coverup, and the town of Roswell, New Mexico - their new 2nd Web site   city campaign '06   Status Quo of UFO/Alien Phenomenom-Neil Freer  Warning
More on Roswell- home of the International UFO Museum and Research Center   2 UFO museums!
a Hawaii sighting
-online   alien sketch '47  Area 51  Roswell Reporter  UFOs in art history UFO Festival 2006   Roswell link at World Wide Resources  Art Gallery site  Wikipedia Roswell (see links)
Roswellians Today  Opinions Forbes article on Roswell (1996)  The Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art   Roswell Fine Arts League Membership  Marathoner abducted by Aliens   Why Retire to Roswell?  Snowfall in Roswell   Hawaii UFO 2006  UFO fuel info needed to save planet  Earth-like planet found!(2007)  Water and Mars  Roswell alien art novel available!  Roswell Theme Park 2010? Sci-Fi writers and Homeland Security  Marilyn Monroe & UFOs - book  UFO Fest Budget 07  Roswell Water UFO Festival 2007   Festival Time! Vision Magazine July 2007   Roswell Incident timelines
Jesse Marcel, Jr.
Website   Alternative Life Forms?   Yeva Unviverse.com   New UFO site-Patrick Richard Comic Strip   
Roswell Theme Park Plan Crashes-4/14/08

UFO site links   Believe Vote 08 (msnbc)   10 Close Encounter on Tape msnbc 8_08

Special Report: The Search for Roswellian Art (July 4, 2006)

Special Photo Tour:  Roswell during the UFO Festival  (June 30-July 4, 2006)

My Visit to the 60th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident    
Meeting Yeva, alien artist, singer,poet

Pygoya Roswell Series of Cyberpaintings

Crash Site photos
by Rodney Pygoya Chang - member of Roswell Fine Arts League

The whole UFO business, and other paranormal matters such as “crop circles” and abductions, seems to be a bottomless well of claims, counterclaims, confusion, red herrings, debunkers, faked evidence, naysayers, etc. etc., all mixed up with ghosts, spiritualism, and ancient legends of Atlantis, Mu, etc.  I think there is something to most of this, but who knows what is real and what is being faked to confuse the issues? And why would anyone want to confuse in this area? - Harrison Roper, Houlton, Maine 2006

All global artists are invited to submit artwork (jpeg format)
for consideration  for this ongoing virtual perpetual show.  Provide name, title of artworks, city/country.

UFO art wanted by Honolulu Gallery

 Pygoya is researching the plausability of establishing an art gallery for such art in Roswell and is currently searching for a location.
He's looking for good artists that work with this subject / theme of art, to include UFOs, Extraterrestrial, Space, Galactic, Paranormal, Spiritual, and  New Age.

Add your alien or UFO art-or UFO sighting photo!

Rodney Pygoya Chang with New Mexican artist, Ursula Freer
Chang accepted into annual juried show 2007 of  the Roswell Art Museum

Online Roswell Comic Book by Pygoya and Jim Charette
Roswell Sci Fi novels by Rodney Chang


I just checked the latest news from a Chinese website. Yesterday ( 6. 18 .07 ) evening around eight o'clock, there was a unknown flight in the sky of Shanghai. A lot of people saw it and were shocked by the " bright and blue " thing. Maybe you can find this news from an American website.  -Tom Tong






















































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