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Capetown, SouthAfrica - Nov. 1999






disco as digital art 1999
The Pioneer Spirit of 200 yrs. ago
What is Not Art? - Oct. 18, 1999
Wachope Outdoor Show -Jan.15,2000
No turning back to art cave -Mar 16,2000
Digital creation and art - June 22, 2000
Steve Danzig - EHCC world exhibition, 2002
Linda Martin invited into gallery! - Jan. 16, 2002
North Coast of NSW, Linda Martin, - March 2003
Digital Carousels -The Price of Folly - Linda Martin - March 2003
Webists' Exhibition in Australia organized by Parys Martin
Nita Jawary statement to August 2004




London, Munich, Printing - Ingrid Kamerbeek at Epson seminar, Vienna- 5/2002
Zazie -2003
Vienna, Austria - "Pygoya's 1st European Art Tour"- 2003
Pygoya's Opening Speech for European shows, Nov. 2003
European Webists' Art Tour- Vienna2003, November 2003




 Doctor Hugo || Museums of the Mind || - Antwerp








Joeser Alvarez - EHCC world exhbiition 2001
Joeser Alvarez will bring EHCC show to Brazil 12/01




Ann - R2001
Meeting in Germany
On Computer "Originals"
lst Generation Computer Artist
Canadian NYC Gallery concept
From Toronto - August 17, 1999
Preview Statement for Exhibition 2000-Thomson-Sept.15,1999
Search Canadian Cyberart - Oct 1999
Computer Watercolor - A.Thomson, Nov 1999
End of the Line - Robert Downing Oct. 7, 2000
Ansgard Thomson update 12-2001
Fewer Cyberartists? - Thomson, May 2002
Pioneer Robert Downing passes away, July 22, 2003
Ansgard Tompson, Edmonton show, August 2003



Amiga Computer Art World - 1989




Bakersfield, CA
Ojai Digital Arts Center



Eat Art Prints 2005




Pygoya's 1988 solo at Shanghai Art Museum
and 1 week work shop on computer art at
University of Shanghai, College of Fine Arts
China Not Ready For Digital Art Prints, Feb. 17,




Denver artist's exhibition at Rave Webmuseum



Costa Rico




Web project of Vlado Franjevic






Cybertown, WWW
documentation of 1998
featured digital artists




Jens Erik Bygvraa - EHCC world exhibition, 2002
Ringkoebing County´s Daily News- Jan. 9, 02




Ahmed Khaled, Cairo - June 9, 2001
Pygoya, Cairo exhibit directed by Ahmed Khaled - 2001-2002




Pygoya's solo exhibition at Tartu State Art Museum, 1989
Vlado in Estonia, 2004




European Network for Cyber Arts -2003




Web Art & Art Museum
Web Art & Art Museum pg 2 - Aleksi Aaltonen, 12/89
Marja-Leena Pelho, EHCC world exhibit 2002




Cecil Herring - Dec. 1999
Spaceart offer - Aug. 2004
Sylvie Robert 2004
Herring Rebuttal with MOCA- Aug. 2004
Orlando dedicated Webist - Aug. 20 2004



France -2002
Angouléme, France, "Art Digital 2003" - August 2003
Bernard Dumaine (Angouleme)  and Christian Couette (Paris)  participate 
European Webists' Art Tour- France 2003, November 2003
Michael P. Ammel - mixed media/digital artist, Sete, Fr.2004



Interview with Prof. Herbert Franke, 2001 (1973 Einstein series)
Hamburg/Newport 2001
Karin Kuhlmann - 2001
Ingrid Kamerbeek
Karin Kuhlmann 12/26/01
Ingrid Kamerbeek-EHCC/Germany-123001
Kamerbeek and Kuhlmann-appointed Coordinators of EHCC World Tour Exhibition-11202
Letter from Mayor of Sonthofen to Ingrid Kamerbeek on Digital Art Exhibit - Jan. 02
Hans-Dieter Grossmann - 2001

Bavarian Web Site for cyberart - - 2002
Cyberart by Webist Ingrid Kamerbeek - 2002
Hans-Dieter Grossman - 2003
Karin Kuhlmann - 2003
Ingrid Kamerbeek, Bavaria - 2003 
Enno Stahl, Cologne - 2003
Herbert W. Franke
Frankfurt & Sonthofen, Germany - Pygoya's 1st European Art Tour, 2003
Galerie Frankfurt Club, Disco & Gallery, 2003
Frankfurt Airport gallery, 2003
Frankfurt show radio/management respone, Oct. 6, 2003
Pygoya's Opening Speech for European shows, Nov. 2003
Disco Doc Coming To Town! - Frankfurt online news - Oct 27, 2003
European Webists' Art Tour- Frankfurt 2003, November 2003
Webism founder, Pygoya, visits mayor and historical museum of Sonthofen
Ingrid Kamerbeek - featured (with Pygoya) WIRELESS ART 
prototype cell phone art for Bitvisions
of, UK
Webists juried into Tire Corporation exhibition in Essen, Germany - June 2004
Munich university statement on virtual museum as alternative art display space
Portal to Future 
Galerie Nordhof
"Italian Night" in Bavaria, July 2004
WEBISTs inner kernel -why artist create art, 2004
First Wacom tablet in Sonthofen, Bavaria! - Oct. 2004
Perception of Art as Data Processing - Prof. Herbert Franke 2004
Arno Signarowski - Feburary 2, 2005
Webists' Dracula Show secured in castle for Nov. 05



Komas 2001




Pygoya founds Hawaii Computer Art Society, 1986
Pygoya's entry accepted into juried annual "Artists of Hawaii"
exhibition of the Honolulu Academy of Arts, Honolulu, 1986
HCAS's 7th annual show, Kauai Museum, 1993
Life digital art exhitions of Rodney Chang/Pygoya
1986 Photo Contest Winner
Is it art or is it digital decorating?
Digital Decade:The Painted Pixel
REBUTTAL: Art review was counterproductive
Computer art: a can of worms
"Web Art" - to
2 Groups' Exhibition Makes Local Art History
art ring tribute to Pygoya as pioneer lst Generation Web artist- 1999
defining  online CYBERART
,  1999
Pygoya invited to exhibit in St. Petersburg, Russia
How I became a computer artist - answer to cyber high school student
Aim of Glycee Maui Printmaking for Pygoya, May 1999 - startup May 1999
Lovett and Photonic Watercolors as digital derivative - May 1999
Time Capsule note - for 50,000 years from now - June 30, 1999
Portal to Cyberspace - July 1999
Introduction to Digital Hawaii Time Capsule - July 22, 1999
Final Draft for for Pygoya prints - July 21, 1999
Pygoya Art International - A Review  - August 17, 1999
What is Not Art? - Oct. 18, 1999
Local Museum Cyberart Show? - Nov 5, 1999
Many Kinds of "Computer Art
" - Nov. 13, 1999
Computer Art- Ultimate Simulator or Assimulator of 20th Century Art?
- Nov. 13, 1999
Hawaii-India Show-2001-Lecture -Dec. 3, 1999
Pygoya- invited American cyberartist to India - Dec. 1999
Pygoya quits HCAS, club he founded in 1989  - Jan 6, 2000
Pygoya works to be featured in UK poetry web site - August 2000
East Hawai'i Cultural Center comes online, 2001
MOCA exhibition invite for Pygoya- July 4, 2001
East Hawaii Cultural Center plans international digital art exhibtion 2002 - July 13, 2001
International Digital Art Exhibition - Hilo museum, January 2002, curated by Dr. Rodney Chang & Dr. Sudha Achar
Submitted to EHCC Newsletter-Jan.12,2002
 Webist's  new art - 2002 Cyberbabies- 2002
Pygoya joins DASH, Digital Artist Society of Hawaii
Webist's new art - 2003 Cyberbabies - 2003 
third annual EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition, 2003
Gary Hoff 
Rodney Chang "Rewrites" Art History? - 2003
Pygoya 2003 with Corporate Art Agent
lst JURIED Digital Art Exhibition -DASH- May 2003
Freedom of Art Speech - DASH- May 2003
Pygoya's Euorpean Art Tour Speech
Pygoya exhibits in Honolulu- Zippy's, Cafe Lauper, Lam's Restaurant, 
Computerworks, King's Garden, Umeke Market, 2003
DASH 2003 roster
European Webists' Art Tour-Hawaii's Pygoya, November 2003
Pygoya's Opening Speech for European shows, Nov. 2003
PYGOYA: Featured artist at Bitvisions,, cell phone company
 proclaiming WIRELESS ART
, UK, Nov. 9, 2003-present; with  Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany
RC Gallery, Honolulu - Pygoya 12 new Epson print works, Dec. 9, 2003
Sam Choy Restaurant, Waikiki, Honolulu - Pygoya solo show of Giclee canvases (11),Dec. 2003
East Hawaii Cultural Center's 4th Annual International Digital Art Exhibition
Upbeat Webism News Report - March 2004
Pygoya Giclee frame prints in Studio 1 window displays - April -July 2004
"Destination Hawaii" Webists group exhibition in conjunction with
regional local solo member Pygoya show (Honolulu)- June 2004
Hawaii Arts Climate - modied Dick Adair's newspaper cartoon, June 30, 2004
Email to Dick Adair, newspaper political cartoonist, June 30, 2004
It's Show Time! - but no media coverage, July 2, 2004
The way it is - give up, July 2, 2004
Association of Hawaii Artists Web sites 2004
Preferred Over Digital Art -Artists of Hawaii 2004
Pygoya's Art Dream 2004
Webists Unite! - JJ, Volcano, 2004
Pygoya at Roy's; Pygoya at Studio 1, Oct-Nov. 2004
AHA Jan. 2005
Dear Abby, January 21, 2005
Digital Bikini Babes, Larry Lovett, March 5, 2005
Pygoya Reply to Vijay (India) on digital art, April 5, 2005





Panda Gielen, EHCC world exhibit 2001
Panda's Award of the Heart to Pygoya - Jan. 10, 2002
Panda Gielen-2003



Houston, Texas
The Creation and Comparison of Analogous Digitally Originated
and Natural Media Works of Visual Art



Budapest, "Pygoya's 1st European Art Tour", 2003
Pygoya's Opening Speech for European shows, Nov. 2003
European Webists' Art Tour- Hungary  2003, November 2003
Bridge Arts Festival in Budapest - June 2004
Tatiana Galatch in Szentedre, 2004
Russian School Gallery, April 2005




Earl Hinrichs




Alyssa Boehm - Chicago Tribune





Yogi Chopra - digital art  online  leader, Bombay
Pygoya organizes, curates India's 1st International Digital 
Art Exhibition, Kolcutta, Dec. 1999
Pygoya lectures on "Internet Art" at Center of American Studies, Kolcutta, 1999

Digital Art In India - 1999

Gupta Up to Bat - May 24, 1999
Digital Art Event Ideas - July 24, 1999
Expanding Search for India digital art interests - Aug. 6, 1999
Yogi Coming Through with Gallery!!!  - Aug 13, 1999
Calcutta! August 17, 1999
Must Go - August 19, 1999
Vadodara Children's Digital Show July  1997 discovered online
More Planning-contracting,expanding, inviting - August 22, 1999
Busy Week of developing India show - August 23-29, 1999
Busy Week II - August 30+
India Today - Sept 1999
India Bombay Group Show Invitation, Sept 27, 1999
Indian show developments Sept 29-
Yogi's Site:About RC and the Indian Millenium Digital   Art show -Sept-Oct99
Grant Proposal - Oct 99
On Satish Gujrval and Shakuntala Devi - Oct 15, 1999
Invitations Sent to World Artist for lst Digital India Show - Oct.30,1999
Developing India International  Show, November, 1999
Bombay Last Chance, November. 1999
Calcutta Show, End Game, November 1999
Pygoya, Call Home, December 1999
lst Digital Spawns more traveling shows! - Dec. 20, 1999
Bombay: Pygoya-"Web Art Guru" - Jan. 8, 2000
2nd India Digital Art Exhibition, Mumbai - Feb 2000
In/Out design magazine of India - S. Mitra, Feb. 2000 issue
Mumbai Show report - April 2000
The Evolution of Digital Art by Preeti Gopalkrishnan - April 2000
Mumbai Show and Pygoya Statement - April 2000
Mumbai Digital Show Summary - April 12, 2000
Hina Bhatt - 2002 - EHCC world exhibition
Vijay Bhai Kochar - India, October 15, 2002
e-memorials & India Cable - January 2, 2003
Vijay Kochar -2003
Vivay Kochar joins the Webists, 2003
"Art Party," Lodhi Restaurant, Delhi on Saturday, July 24
Shankar Barua, Idea #7 DVD, includes Webism/Webists Oct. 2004
The Academy of Electronic Arts - February 2005
On real art vs. commercialized fine art - March 12, 2005
Vivay Kochar updates web site - April 2005



Gregory Hoose - 3.39/99
Hoose on Fractals - 12/19/99



3d software art CD, 8_2004


Lucian and Udi Millis
Ben Rotman




Alessandro Palmigiani - EHCC world exhibit 2002
Rinaldo Nani -Jan. 2003
Florence Biennale -2003
that's art: novitŕ! - 2003




Dr. Fernanda Steele 2001
Steele plans cyberart show 2002




Giclees to Japan r2001 Show '99
r2001 Exhibition 1999
Pygoya Images for R2001 Japan Slide Exhibit - Nov. 99
Nonbe, EHCC world exhibition 2002


Los Angeles

The Digitalist (Gartel) Goes Wild - March 13, 2005





Laurence Gartel in Miami, movies March 2005
The Digitalist (Gartel) Goes Wild - March 13, 2005





Topeka, Kansas - 2005
digitalabstract/Topeka arts scene - Feb. 2, 2005








Vlado Franjevic




Pygoya's solo at Helena Art Museum, 1990



The Netherlands

Jeanne Adema



South Korea

Sooyoung Lee - EHCC world exhibition 2002
Sooyoung Lee. Korea  'Digital Digital !'-2003


Las Vegas, Nevada

Pygoya's 1990 solo at Las Vegas Art Museum
Las Vegas Art Museum homepage
New Las Vegas Art Museum homepage -2002




Mariano Petit de Murat - exhibit at Rave Webmuseum-Nov '01-Feb '02
online Museum of Digital Art, Mexican Carribean - June 2004




Ronald Warunek - Fusionist



Montreal, Canada


Munich, Germany






New Mexico

Santa Fe Digital Art Scene 2001
Ursula Freer
Webists' exhibition abroad
New Mexico, Aliens, and the color pink - 8_04
Dr. Hans-Georg Turstig
3d software art CD, 8_2004



New York City

Pygoya's 1987 solo in NYC, Nishi Noho Gallery, Manhattan
Cyberart99 - NYC
Pygoya Art International - A Review  - August 17, 1999
Jill of NYC - August 18, 1999
Frank Gillette - Nov 23 99
India to Lincoln Center,NY? - December 30, 1999
Jonathan White - EHCC world exhibit 2002
Val Web Org
NYC Digital Art Gallery commentary 2003
New York City Digital Scene 2004



New Zeland


North Carolina

Cynthia Frederick - EHCC world exhibition 2002
Online Exhibit by Rick Doble -2003

Rick Doble, Internet Artist - personal artistic images created directly 
from the radio waves, "cosmic microwave background 
radiation" or CMB, of the Big Bang., 2003



Impact of Giclee Printing - Mamata B. Herlan, 2003



Orlando, Florida

Paris, France

Angouleme, France, August 2003



Portand, Oregon

Amiea Saul exhibition in Pygoya Webmuseum - Nov. '01-Feb. '02


Cottage Grove, Oregon

Digital Art Discovered in 1895!, January 12, 2005
Pop's Quiz, January 15, 2005
Initial Planning for museum and arts center should I acquire the building, January 22, 2005


Eugene, Oregon

Sterling Editions - fine art print publisher
DIVA - Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts
Ron LaFond - fantasy surreal art, launched April 2005 
Pygoya gets Oregon license- 3/05


R2001 in major show, August 2001



on webart
- Kostja Mitenev
Pygoya invited to exhibit in St. Petersburg, Russia
Live - Pygoya Exhibit at TC Gallery, Russian Site, 5/15/99

bytcart.jpg (23854 bytes)

Some Russian artists reaction to digital art show
Russian Digital Art for India Show
Russian 2002 show invitation
Moscow Fine Art Gallery, international group exhibition
including digital art,
The Thousandth Manhole, Moscow, 
Russia,  May 24-June 11, 2001
Catherine Yakovina, EHCC Cyberart Exhibition 2002


Santa Fe, New Mexico

New Mexico Digital , 2004
The Digital Fine Art Society of New Mexico juried show opened last night
at the Southwest Cultural Center In Albuquerque. Note:Santa Fe 2nd largest
art market after NYC with 300 galleries in 2004

Saudi Arabia




'International' Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 1999
The Gathering... A Millennium Arts Project - Dec. 99, 1999
Spring Exhibition 2000 - sponsors award - Jan 2000






Silicon Valley, USA






South Korea

Sooyoung Lee - EHCC world exhibition 2002




Atman Victor - 2001
Atman Victor EHCC Internationl Exhibition 2002
Spain Realty lionks to Truly Virtual Web Art Museum, 2004



Syracuse, New York

Frank Gillette, Everson Museum of Art - Nov. 1999



Niklas Een - stereograms




Christa Nussbaumer - EHCC world exhibition 2002




Gardiana visits Pygoya
Working on show with Pygoya




Fredericksburg, Texas web site with Pygoya coverage
Brad Michael Moore, Texas February 2, 2005



Thai research into digital art
Parinya Tantisuk Enters India Exhibit - Nov 1999




Webists' International exhibition



United Kingdom

The Guardian, 1999
Pygoya works to be featured in UK poetry web site - August 2000
Pixels into Pounds-London, 2002
Dorset Digital Arts Festival 200- Bournemouth , UK - 2003 
- "Sacha Billett" <>
Prints and fading - Samson Spanier, London, 2003
Top 50 Fusion -London, UK, Dec. 2003





        Alejandro Silveira, June 2001
Silveira preview of show, June 28, 2001
Pygoya, Montevideo exhibit directed by Alejandro Silveira - 2001-2002
Alejandro Silveira - EHCC International Exhibition 2002
Eliza Ramos



The Web/Museums

Definition of Cyberart and Webism
The Internet, R2001 and Art
Binary Code - NYC show by R2001, 1998
Net History including this Webmuseum
Bright Lights : Digital Artist No more- call me a Cyberist - Pyogya, 1998
Artsite2- art history and digital art
Between Public and Private Space - Ryszard W. Kluszczynski
POOOF! - Bryan Smith, 2-99
Snailmail Cards - a Webart collectible concept
- 2/99
who's online? - 3/99
art ring tribute to Pygoya as pioneer lst Generation Web artist- 1999
Response to Pygoyan tribute by Gregory Hoose, Iowa - 1999
R2001 Members' Art Galleries - 1999
Mission of Truly Virtual Web Art Museum - June 1999
I still own my art in my cyberstudio at Yahoo's Geocities! - July 1999

NO COMPUTER ARTIST NEED APPLY - August 1999's official gallery curator: COMPUTER GRAPHICS IS NOT ART BUT A THING - Aug9/99
Let's Ask the Brass (at Yahoo!/
Web Stocks History- a measurement of growth and change of the Web - Aug 99
Preview Statement for Exhibition 2000-Thomson-Sept.15,1999
noncommerical web sites like doomed to failure? - Jan.30,2000
Pygoya exhibits at Digital Art Museum - March 2000 featured Web site- USA - March 2000
Geocities considers digital art not "art"- May 2000
lst draft of homepage layout for's membership with   network
Cyberart Ring Group Exhibition, Cyberists Hall of Pygoya Webmuseum, Nov. 2001-Dec. 2002
Motivating Participation - EHCC Cyberart World Tour 2002 - Pygoya, Jan 13, 2002
Archived online catalog of EHCC's International Cyberart Exhibition 2002
NetLifeImages - 2002
WEBPEDIA.COM -online encyclopedia on Web cyberart - 2002
upcoming new Shockwave 3D with the Webists- July 2004
3d software art CD, 8_2004
Webist News, Feb. 12, 2005


VOLCANO, Big Island, Hawaii

Webists Unite! - JJ, Volcano, 2004

Truly Virtual Web Art Museum - 1997
Cyberart Ring Network-1997-present
It's Digital, but is it Art? -Judy DeMocker, 9//8/98
The Wired Artisan - 1998
Leave My Files Alone - Judy DeMocker, 1998
Webmasters, Not Old Masters -Ian Christe, 1998
State of the Art - Daniel Pinchbeck, 1998
The Trouble with Net Art - David Hudson, 11/98
Sentiment against digital art - Ron Sanders/Aleksi Aaltonen, 1/99
Anne Harris, R2001 - 1/9/99
Cecil Touchon, R2001 - 1/9/99
Gerald O'Connell, R2001 - 1/9/99
Keio University - Fujisawa Campus, r2001 - 11/99
art ring tribute to Pygoya as pioneer lst Generation Web artist- 1999
The Business Century - 5/99 and -August 1999
R2201 and  UNICEF -Dec.99
Digital Art History? - 1999
Archived online catalog of EHCC's International Cyberart Exhibition 2002

Exhange thoughts between 2 e-art-historians, March 4, 2002
Ingrid Kamerbeek's cyberart observation - May 6, 2002
Signed Web Art Print Editions for Sale - 2002
Final Hosting Announcement - (1/03; from team to client)
Place to be 'buried' on the Internet; obituary global database - 2003
The 2003 International Digital Awards
Center of
Pygoya Webmusem - 2003
Web Art Shortcuts - 2003
Gino d'Artali -curator "Facing Faces", Director of C.A.U.S.E.-03
Ebay- Digital Art for sale
third annual EHCC International Cyberart Exhibition, 2003
Prof. Herbert W. FRANKE
-Born 1927 in Vienna, Austria. 1945 – 1951 studies on the university of Vienna: physics, mathematics, philosophy. Change to Germany - five years activities in the industry, later free lanced. 1956 electronic graphics, begin of occupation with rational aesthetics and experimental photography, 1969 computer art. Lecturer for cybernetic aesthetics and computer art on the University and on the Academy for Fine Arts in Munich. More then 40 books, especially about art-science-connections, also science fiction novels.

Design: Timbor, Budepest; Assistant Curator: Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany

Saptakam Project: Digital Artfields -by Hans-Georg Türstig, Ph.D
Webist Pygoya international links
Pygoya's Euorpean Art Tour Speech
Pygoya's Opening Speech for European shows, Nov. 2003

1st Hour Webists member directory - Dec. 2003
Yahoo-digital-fine art comments on Webists and Webism - Jan. 12, 04
Thoughts on  the Webists group, Pygoya, Jan. 14, 200
Digital Arts marketability 2003 -
Ingrid Kamerbeek joins Sane Society site for Webists, Jan. 18, 2004
What is Art? - R2001 members contemplate, Jan. 2004
1st email art exhibition call for entries  by the Webists - Feb. 23, 2004
Murat's Museum of Digital Art - June 2004
"Destination Hawaii" Webists group exhibition in conjunction with
regional local solo member show (Honolulu)- June 2004
Pop Art Portraits of the Webists produced by  Parys Martin, Australia, June 2004
A Webist Proposal - Structure of Triadic Host Site experimental show, "Saturn Rings" - July 6, 2004
Laurence Gartel update at August 2004

Museum of - 2004

"Webism and Webists"- August 20, 2004, Pygoya, at
Webism- Cecil Herring, August 26, 2004 - "Idea of an Art Psychology"-Nov. 26, 2004
No crisis in Webism - Ingrid Kamerbeek position statement, Nov26, 2004
From Cyberstamps to Real Postage Stamps - October 8-10, 2004 for Absolute Arts blog feature ; -rest of October blog schedule
Mouse Mightier than the Brush- October 23-24, 2004 for Absolute Arts blog feature
Adapting to Online Art, January 2, 2005
Off With Their Heads - online ,December 10, 2004
R2201, ValWeb, Webists join in group project, Lincoln Hall, NYC, Jan. 22, 2005
Earthday Poster by R2001, Valweb, and Webists- March 2005

Madison, Wisconsin

David Camp, Webist, computer artist - Feburary 2, 2005



United Kingdom
John Rixon
Gerald O'Connell-2001
The WebArt and Furore- O'Connell, 12/98

Britist Artist Accepts Invite into India Show-Oct.30, 1999
Jac Depczyk
Bitvisions, of, cell phone WIRELESS ART, 11/03



Offer of purchase of Pygoya images copyrights - March 2000
BORIS WORONZOW - March 22, 2000



Western New York




Kola Tatic- EHCC International Cyberat Exhibition 2002



Museums and Webism - 2003

Lenbach Museum, Berlin, Germany
Guggenheim Berlin Museum - Berlin, Germany
Proposals to institutions - March 2003



Digital Art - the World

Digital Art happenings, 2001 and comments in 2004 by Ingird K.




no space - Oct. 8, 2004