Written in Fiveer to potential new Seller (in Philippines) for a gig to make another art film for Youtube, June 6, 2015


By the way, last night I woke up inspired and could not go back to sleep. I could see my future that is very possible and probable. World tour for me, paid by either (or both), museums and universities. I lecture. Why not? I have earned 10 college degrees, including two doctorates (not counting an honorary doctorate from Shanghai University, way back in 1988). Nobody lives forever, I am getting old. I need to start some planning on how to get out of my profession (dentistry, approaching 40 years of private clinical practice) - to be like a rock star, go "on the road," like a traveling circus. Fun! Would be rigorous, only possible when I'm still healthy. For sure I shall come through the Philippines. 

But I digress. Sure, my friend, show me your talent, let's collaborate and have you do an art film too. I'll sign for a gig and put together some photos. Please be patient has I have pretty much, at this point, run out of material. Looking back, I started this video quest exactly one year ago for my virtual museum, Lastplace.com (central column, homepage) completing 100 artistic films. That's a production rate of about 1 film every 3 days! With that type of firepower through collaboration with other talents, I believe I am a one-of-a-kind artist and museums will be interested to invite me to exhibit (big screen, online connetion, fabulous reception attended by VIPs, me as lecturer).



Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang


Bravehart : I enjoy working with your film, just knowing that I am part of something global inspires me.


Hi PyG,

Good to hear from you.  Considering what you have accomplished in comparison with most other folks I would say 210 years wouldn't have been enough time for the average guy to do so. So looks you're not turning 70 but 23.3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333

Ah, what a colorful cabin in the woods soon! What is it for? Some kind of disco cage cabin?
Noticed you're that active with video production now. Cool. Fun to watch.   LI



Interested parties- contact future agent, or pygoya@hawaii.rr.com





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