Since entering my sixties, Ive been fortunate to start becoming attuned to working as a team on creative projects.  It could be the completion of a new painting or book of fiction.  It could be organizing and managing a global digital art group and its mission.  It could be pairing up with a Left brain to manage business end of art the administration, promotion, sales & distribution, grow a corporation with good profits and controlled costs of operation and production.  All my professional art career life I have discounted representation in favor of abstraction.  For example, Id rather capture the essence of the textures of rocks on the beach instead of render a sea scene in front of me.  So my art efforts have been abstract with organic attributes (such as surface and plasticity) in digital colors.   Ive also turned away from the painted canvas and entered the world of digital art creation.  This was a partnership between the self and the computer.

     So I was philosophically prepped, although I did not know it at the time, for One Vision, or how one artist modifies reality to create his own fantasized world.  This I accomplish through photographer, graphic artist, art psychologist, and painting designer.  The exhibit is dedicated to the beauty of Puna from which these rural scenes were harvested to be transformed into the visual world of fine art.  The artistic goal is to capture a sense timelessness of place through my own visual poetry.

     Painters of landscape, if they are worth their mettle, do not merely paint exactly what they see. Modifications of the natural scene are made to add their interpretation as well as personal feelings regarding the scene.  Visual elements are moved around, changed in size and color.  With software, as a photographer and painting designer, I have much better controls (as compared to the limiting mixing of paints of different standard colors of art supply brands) in the pulling together of compositional elements that I want to visualize for painting.  I can work on form, shade, hue, luminosity, saturation, transparency, texture, lighting, shadow, and idea simultaneously.  Unlike the traditional painter, I can score from outside the "paint" with long shots targeting more complex landscapes than traditional art work processes can unveil.  A few of "One Vision" will be taken a step further to oil on canvas.


     I want to express thanks and appreciation to Larry Lovett of the Big Island.  My dear life long friend was kind enough to host me at his home in Puna and drive me around to get the shots off the beaten tourist path.  Being from the city (Honolulu), it's nice to now Old Hawaii, or "Paradise," still exists timelessly in small pockets in some rural areas of the state.


- Rodney E. C. Chang
  November 9, 2007