Indiana University Graduation 2013
Rochelle Chang, B.S., Classical Ballet, graduate of the highly acclaimed Jacobs School of Music

May 3, 2013


It took over 14 hours to get from Honolulu to attend the graduation ceremonies at IU in Bloomington, Indiana.  Air travel itinerary was
from Honolulu to Los Angeles to Minneapolis to Indinapolis.  Then by bus from Indie airport to the Hoosier's main campus in Bloomington, over 45 miles south.  (Return back home also as long, but this time shuttle bus to Indianapolis to Detroit to Seattle to get back to Hawaii.)  Weather in Bloomington was overcast most of the time during this stay from May3 to May 6, with a slight drizzle of rain. Highlights of we parents' visit were of course Rochelle's formal graduation ceremonies, first at the Hoosiers' famed Assembly Hall (Big Ten 2013 basketball champion's homecourt), then at the MAC, or the Music Art Center.  Rochelle and her friend, Gabi Johnson, had to make a mad dash between the two locations in order to be on time for the second opening ceremony - wearing high heels, holding on to their flap caps, and getting wet in the rain. They barely made it.  Rochelle later relayed: "This is the most stressful day of my life!"  But it was all worth it and everything worked out well.  Highlights of our stay?  Partying at Dunkirk's bar and dance floor just off-campus.  Roche insisted: "You just have to go inside and have a drink... it's part of the IU college life experience."  So we downed our share of drinks (as I'm thinking, "No more college tuition!") and tapped along with other drunken IU party animals to shierking heavy techno metal melded into rap.  After a couple whiskey shots it became quite danceable for the both of us as we shook off our age difference and "boogied" along with all the celebratory college kids.  Other priceless memories include time with Rochelle and other ballet students working on decorating their caps, going shopping downtown for a new dress to wear when she on stage received her diploma at Jacobs, the many fine meals at restaurants, seeing "Oblivion" at the local theater, shopping at Target for family gifts, grad party at Gabi's, one last visit to Rochelle's rental residence with her other roommates, including nursing grad Lauren, getting autographs from star IU basketball players, taking photos of the IU campus - for the lst time seeing it spring GREEN (instead of autumn gold or winter white), being chauffeured about by our daughter in her own first car,  staying at the Summer House then moving into Memorial Union for the last days, and most precious - spending time with our daughter on her last days of college at this Big Ten, "Big Red" campus that she so loves, feels at home, and identifies with.  Along with the other parents, we were once more there in support as well as to congratulate the hard-working graduates for their well-earned acheivement of becoming alumni (third largest in the USA) of the Indiana University (established in 1820