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A discotheque reception room in a dental clinic,
Honolulu, Hawaii, 1979-1993; seen on national American
television including NBC's Real People; when DJs on a Manhattan
radio station asked "Why?", Dr. Rodney Pygoya Chang, then
nicknamed the Disco Doc, replied "It's ART!" - Step in there
for a dental appointment and you experienced it. Yes, the music was loud
and yes, patients did ask each other to dance. In fact a couple got married
on this floor where they first met! :)

Note: the window just below the neon sign housed an in-house DJ,
(Floyd McCoy, Jr), originally from New York City;
Just for the records- two other copycat dentists later did their own
disco-dental offices, one in Los Angeles and one in Boston, USA.


In 1979 Disco Doc danced on this floor in front of cameras for NBC's
Real People television show (rated the most watched program of the 3
major USA networks for the year); interviewed by John Barbour.

After exposure on Real People Show, radio stations called to interview
the  Disco Doc, including stations from New York City, Detroit, Seattle, Denver,
San Francisco and New Hamphire.

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In 1981 on Friday nights a DJ from a local radio station broadcasted
directly from within the discotheque, taking disco song requests from callers;
paid monthly costs to KISA radio station for hookup and personnel.

1986 - Eight years later after the initial opening, Da Waiting Room and Disco Doc was taped
for national television again , this time the evening
P.M. Magazine program.

1998 - local television coverage (The Hawaiian Moving Company) showcased this 1985
feature again in Feburary 1998; the words disco and dentist has been
associated ever since in Hawaii.  Ad for 1985 original TV feature

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The Disco Doc, performing for the Hawaiian
Moving Company
TV show, 1985


Beyond Disco Dancing - February 5, 2002

Dance Art - February 8, 2002



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Floyd M&Ms McCoy, dental DJ, on
NBC's Real People TV show, 1979, 1980


Confirmed TV sightings of Da Waiting Room

Across the U.S.A., Australia, Germany, Japan, and Canada

Dear Dr. Chang -
Thanks for being a part of the WRIF Morning Show.

Mike Collins
WRIF 101, Detroit's Best

Disco Doc, dance performance every
Saturday Night in Waikiki clubs

DISCO-DENTAL-COMPLEX -  GOOD FOR CHILDREN, Dr. Mary Robertson, Pychiatry, University of Florida

Some Disco Social Psychology, Dr. Rodney Chang, Disco Dancer,Waikiki, Honolulu, 1979

Some disco-art theory, page from artist/dancer's diary


Philosophic Approaches to an Art Psychology and Art Criticism, 1980
using *Da Waiting Room* as art project example

Fertile Space for Studying the Aesthetic Phenomenom




More on Disco, Disco Doc and his Da Waiting Room
and its influences on dentistry and art

First News Blurb Informing Honolulu would never be the same
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One of Many Wonderful Moments at Da Waiting Room!


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email from visitors

How did you Know I love Disco! Greyt page-could stay here all day. BTW I used to fly to Chicago to study Disco with a man who taught a couple that made it to the finals on Dance Fever(remember that show?). 1997

Lucy of Greyt


You know, I LOVE TO DISCO, which I do often.
(I have always thought .. probably to the embarrassment of the younger
generation )
But that never stops me. Now I see the connection .. between the atmosphere
of the disco where I love so much to dance...
getting lost in the magic of the music, the lights, colours, movement,
reflections ... and this art form that I love so much.
I love feeling one with it all, it is my meditation !!!.

Your cyber-world creation is a delight.

Thank You
Warm regards

Linda (stargazer 101), September 1999


Rod-  I want to express to you that I thoroughly enjoyed your disco office open house. There are very few
things I remember vividly in my life. One is running and finishing my first marathon and another
is your open house. It was an "experience" I feel the other dentists who failed to show up at your place missed.
You have artistic talent, are athletic, professional, musical, you name it - above all you have
"class" which others lack - believe me because I mean it!!   Thanks,

Joseph Tseu, D.D.S. 4/10/79


Holy Order of Man
1761 Skyline Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

 Dear Dr. Chang, Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your "Waiting Room". Quite a work of art! 
When I arrived (rather nervously) a couple of weeks ago to have a wisdom teeth pulled I was quite surprised.
Three small children were playing on the dance floor, dancing, singing and laughing. Their older sister was curled
up in the rocking chair working on an art project. One beer-bellied man was perched on a bar stool looking as
comfortable as if he had a drink in his hand. I chose the couch where I watched TV and took in the activity
of the "Waiting Room".   Thanks for a pleasant experience and a painless extraction!

Yours in Chirst,

Sister Rebecca Feldlane, 8/11/79

More disco-art email



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20th "Anniversary" image present to "Disco Doc"
from Ansgard Thomson, Alberta, Canada, August 29, 1999




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Happy Anniversary to Da Waiting Room and Disco Doc! - Linda "Stargazer" Martin, Australia, 9/1999




Disco Inferno, gift work of art to Disco Doc from Ingrid Kamerbeek, Germany, 5/2002












Da Waiting Room was remodelled back into a conventional doctor's waiting room in 1994. :=(
Since then, what happened to the Disco Doc


Beyond Disco Dancing - February 5, 2002

Dance Videos - of Disco Doc

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